How to Clean Airpods and Case Inside-Out?

How to Clean Airpods

If you are using Airpods then this guide is for you. Here I am talking about different easy ways of how to clean Airpods, its case, and wash out earwax.

Since the launch of Apple Airpods in 2016 it was a constant hit.

Users literally loved the wireless look as it was totally uncommon and especially the white colour.

As the looks and the design talks for itself and loved by people from all around the globe but today we are going to talk about the hygiene aspect of it.

If you are already using Airpods then with time you might have noticed it to change its beautiful white colour to a little dark tone.

Sometimes the earbuds are also accompanied by earwax and other unhygienic stuff.

Well this is really common and if you have multiple users to one Airpods then cleaning it regularly is very important.

So, let’s talk about different ways on how to clean your Airpods case and get earwax out of Airpods.

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Tools You Need to Get EarWax Out of Your Airpods

  1. Take a Cotton swab
  2. microfiber cloth
  3. Toothpick
  4. Paper towel or a dry cloth
  5. 70 or 90% pure isopropyl alcohol
  6. Adhesive putty like Blu-tack
  7. A soft toothbrush used only for cleaning

Let’s begin…

How to Clean Airpods Outside?

1) First things you need to do is grab some paper tower and lay it down on a table.

2) After that and fill a little bowl with warm water or isopropyl alcohol.

3) Next on the paper towel spread all your cleaning tools along with your Airpods.

4) Now open the Airpods case and put both the earplugs on the paper towel.

5) Later, with the soft dry toothbrush, gently use the bristles to clean any earwax or gunk on the nozzle.

6) Just make sure that you are gentle, and no kind of scrubbing is required.

7) After this is done, take the adhesive putty and touch it a little onto the nozzle very lightly. Be careful and not use it too much we just need a little dab, enough for the Airpods to get clean.

 Note: Remember that your AirPods and their stockpiling case are not impervious to fluids, so be mindful to not get any liquid in the charging ports, or on the AirPods themselves. 

8) Next use the cotton swabs to rub free any dust or stains on the outside of the Airpods case.

9) A swab gives you pinpoint exactness, and lets you muscle through the gunk. If essential, dampen the swab with distilled water to relax the hard wax.

10) On the off chance that you have extremely hard to-expel, then you can use the end of a swab with a modest quantity of isopropyl liquor to make the work easier.

So, this is how you can clean Airpods from outside.

Now, let’s look at ways to clean Airpods case from inside.

How to Wash Airpods Case Inside?

First start by cleaning the charging ports on the inside with the help of cotton swab or cotton ball.

Here you will have to remove all the dirt and dust. Later ensure that the case continues to charge quickly and to prevent shorting out.

After you are done with that, dampen the cotton swab with alcohol and clean the grooves on the top of the case.

 Note: that you don’t have to fully dampen the swab just use enough for it to be clean and don’t let alcohol dripping from it. 

Now gently remove all the wax or dust in that area.

Now in case the dust is too much inside the grooved area on the top, don’t stop yourself from using a toothpick.

As this is the place where bacteria can reside, so use a wooden toothpick gently inside the edges or cracks to make it clean and dust free.

After you are done, simply take the micro fibre cloth and run down on the outside real quick to get rid of any access dust or anything that came out while cleaning.

How to Clean Earwax out of Airpods?

Now for this gently hold the Airpods and with the soft toothbrush bristles rub it in the grilles.

If you have a dried of wax, then use minimal amount of alcohol to on a cotton swab but be careful not to it dripping wet near the speaker element.

Now your Airpods are ready to use. Don’t forget to check if it’s still charging after you are done cleaning.

In brief, this is the right way to keep your Airpods clean and earwax free.

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