How To Favorite, Search and Sort in STB Emulator App [2021 GUIDE]

You’ve seen the four colored buttons at the bottom of the STB emulator app but how in the heck can you actually use them? Well, luck for you, in this guide I’ll show you step by step how to use them to make navigating easy on the STBemu app. Works on both Android or Amazon firestick. We’ll  also show you how to create a favorites list, search the videoclub, and share an advanced tip on creating shortcuts with key-mapping.

How to search and favorite in STB emulator

A lot of IPTV servers have thousands of channels and scrolling through all the channels just to find the one you want to watch is annoying and waste of time.

There has to be a better way… and there is.

With this guide and spending a little time to create your favorites list will make it so you can have all your top channels in one place without having to spend time scrolling through endless pages and different category sections just to find that one channel.

Now, there’s two ways we can go about this, there’s the easy way… and then there’s the hard way.

We’re going to start off with the hard-way as it’s more applicable to all users of STB emulator app.

The easy way will require you to get a $20.00 piece of hardware that will really make things a lot easier as we will demonstrate.

Let’s get into it free hard way…

How To Add Favorites and Sort in STB Emulator App (the hard way):

STB emulator tutorial using buttons

1. In the STB emulator guide select the channel you want to favorite.

Select channel to favorite

2. Use your android remote and select the button for mouse cursor option.

android TV remote mouse cursor

3. Select anywhere on the STB emulator app screen which will reveal a secret on-screen remote. It is here you will see the four colored buttons red, green, yellow and blue. Use up and down arrow to move the cursor to quickly select the yellow button before it disappears.

You’ll realize at this step how tedious it is to use the standard remote. Just imagine how easy it would be using a keyboard remote with a touchpad.

Yellow button STB emu

4. Go through the guide on STBemu and favorite all the channels you’d like to add to your favorites lists. Once you’re done then activate the on-screen remote again but this time we’ll select the green button which will help us sort through the list we just created.

Sort by Button

5. You should see the option to sort by only favorites.

Sort by only favorites

6. Now looking at the top you’ll see the STB guide. You can see the breadcrumb on the top saying TV > English USA>Only Favorite. You may want to go back to displaying all the channels, to do this just get the on screen remote > green button > and select by number.

STB Guide sort by only favorites

How to delete channels you favorited

To unfavorite channels you would do the same process that was used to favorite. Just make sure to highlight the channels that you want to unfavourite and press the yellow button.

Configure Key Mapping For STBemu: Four Colored buttons (easy way)

We’ll show a faster way to work with the colored buttons of STBemu app. For this part of the guide we’ll be switching and using the keyboard remote but you can still follow along using your basic remote.

1. We’ll be creating short codes so that whenever we press ‘Z’ on the remote it will add channel to our favorite list in STBemu. We’ll also program it so that ‘X’ will represent the blue button allowing us to one click search in the videoclub.

Android Keyboard Remote

2. Go into the settings of the STBemu app, select upper right hand side with mouse cursor and the three dots. You’ll see drop down menu with option to enter the settings.

Settings of STB emulator

3. Once in the settings of STBemu, select configure key maps.

Configure Key Maps

4. Select the ‘add key’ option.

STBemu how to create favorites

5. Press the key you’d like to create a shortcut for. Just note using numbers won’t work as the STB emulator app will just change to that channel. Will have to use a non-numbered button. In this case we will use the letter ‘z’. Next step would be to add an action for this button, select the ‘action not selected’.

How to add favorites

6. There are four colored buttons, however, the three you should prioritize are yellow (favorites) , blue (search in VOD) and green (sort-by). You can explore the other options and play around to see what would be convenient.

Stb emulator pro buttons

7. Once you’ve set the button and shortcuts confirm that the information is right and then click save key.

How to guide on using STB emulator buttons

8. Back at the menu of the keymap you’ll now see all the short-keys created. You can always delete the key by choosing the shortkey and then selecting delete.

how to change key mapping STB emulator

How To Search the Videoclub in STBemu

Using the short-key we just created, searching the videoclub (VOD) becomes a whole lot easier.

1. We can search the hard way by getting the on-screen remote in STBemu and then select the blue button. But with the key-map we just created we can press ‘X’ on the android remote.

How to search in STB emulator app

2. This will reveal an option to search which should bring the on-screen keyboard remote. Now you can type and find your favorite shows or movies instead of scrolling through thousands of recordings.

Again, with the basic remote you’ll still need to use the on-screen remote typing one letter at a time and you can imagine how annoying this would be (god forbid if you mistype a single letter). With the android keyboard you can type “the real housewives of orange county’ and have it appear in just a few seconds.

How to search in STB emulator app


You should now be a master at effectively navigating through the STB emulator app.

Creating favorites and searching can really help sort through the channels, especially with IPTV servers on STB emulator as they unnecessarily have thousands of channels you have to plough through.

Written by Andrew Welch