How To Setup IPTV Smarters Pro App in 2021 – (Android, Firestick and IOS)

The IPTV Smarters Pro is one of the most popular IPTV media players with over a million downloads and 21,139 reviews averaging a 4.1 star rating. In this tutorial we’ll show you, step by step, how to download and configure this app for the first time.

Guide on how to setup IPTV Smarters PRO

Why this app?

The IPTV Smarters Pro app is one of our favorite apps for setting up an IPTV subscription. It allows you stream live TV channels also allowing you to watch your favorite movies and shows.

It’s compatible across all devices Android, PC, IOS, and Firestick.

The interface is fast and intuitive. The app offers unique features we have not seen in other apps like multi-screen capability which gives users the ability to watch two channels simultaneously. You can useful for multitasking between sports, news, or keeping up with the financial markets.

What’s also nice about the IPTV Smarters app is it has an option to load the M3U playlist via an EPG guide which gives the appearance of a traditional satellite menu (you’ll see this in some of the screenshots we’ve taken below).

It’s really is a great app and in this tutorial we’ll show how to setup IPTV Smarters on your device whether it be PC, Apple product, or on Android.

IPTV Smarters Pro

Let’s jump right into it.

What You’ll need before starting:

We hate for users to start a tutorial only to find out there missing the necessary equipment or moving parts for it to work. So to save you the trouble we tell you upfront:

You’ll an active IPTV M3U URL Playlist for this tutorial.

There are free versions you can find online but these are not the greatest options. You can also get paid M3U subscriptions *we don’t offer these* but you can readily find them online

Setup IPTV Smarters Pro on PC or Windows

The IPTV Smarters Pro app is not offered through the Microsoft Store. It’s only available through Google Playstore which means we’ll need to download an android emulator. The leading and most popular android emulator on the market is software called BlueStacks which currently has over 320+ million downloads.

Step 1. Search for Bluestacks program on google.

download STB emulator on Windows

Step 2. Download and Install the program.

download bluestack on PC to get IPTV Smarters app

Step 3. On initial install it should prompt to setup Google account. If it doesn’t we can do this manually. Go into the settings of the bluestacks app.

sign into google playstore

Step 4. Click on Accounts.

account settings android

Step 5. Go ahead and sign into your Google account.

sign into google playstore account

Step 6. Once the account is setup, we can close the settings tab and go into the google playstore to download the IPTV Smarters pro app.

stb emu windows

Step 7. Once the account is setup, we can close the settings tab and go into the google playstore to download the IPTV Smarters pro app.

Download STB emu for playstore

From here we can follow along with the set up on Android and IOS. The process is the same.

How To Setup IPTV Smarters on Android and IOS

On all Android devices (Android TV or phone like Samsung) or Apple Products (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV) you can begin the setup and configuration here. Just head over to Google playstore or on Apple the App Store.

Step 1. Search for the IPTV Smarters Pro app. The developers of this app are WHMCS SMARTERS. Once installed click open.

Install IPTV Smarters Pro For Windows

Here’s a link to app in Google playstore

Step 2. Open the IPTV Smarters app and click on the ‘Add New User’

Add new user IPTV Smarters Pro

Step 3. There’s two ways to login to the app. You can load from playlist or URL. You can also login with Xtreme codes API.

IPTV M3U Typically looks like:


You can find the username and password by looking at the URL given by provider.

The Username=”XXXXX”
The Password=”XXXXX”

In our test we found signing into the IPTV Smarters app with Username and pass was better than the M3U playlist. The channels were categorized into sections whereas on M3U playlist it was not.

login with Xtreme codes

Step 4. Enter login details via xtreme codes requires the username and password. The URL should be provided by the provider. If not, contact your provider.

enter login details IPTV Smarters

Step 6. You can also sign in just using the M3U playlist if you don’t have the portal URL. For playlist name you can write anything. For playlist type select M3U URL and then copy and paste the URL into the ‘file/url’ field.


Step 7. Once signed into the IPTV Smarter app you’ll be taken to the list users screen. Selecting the profile just created.

list users IPTV Smarters M3U

Step 8. That’s it, we’ve successfully set up and configured the IPTV Smarters Pro app on Windows.

live TV and movies with IPTV Smarters

Congratulations, you have successfully set up the IPTV Smarters Pro App!

You can skip the section below on firestick to learn about some cool features of this app and some advanced tips to make streaming / navigation easier.

How To Setup IPTV Smarter on Firestick

Step 1. From the dashboard of the firestick go into the settings > firestick or my Fire TV

learn how to download IPTV Smarters

2. Go into the developer options

developer options in fire stick settings

3. You’ll want to make sure download apps from unknown sources is turned on

unknown source firestick

4. Go back to the firestick dashboard and search for the downloader app.

install IPTV Smarters

5. Open the downloader application and open it. This will allow us to sideload third party applications like the IPTV Smarters app. You may be prompted if you want to grant permission to access media, photos, and files on your device, select allow.

IPTV tutorial firestick

6. Type the following URL exactly, (this URL will automatically download the IPTV Smarters PRO APK file)

setup IPTV Smarters on fireTV

7. The file-size of this IPTV Smarters app is around 80mb so just wait for it to finish installing.

IPTV M3U on firestick

8. Click install and wait for the app to finish installing.

downloader app firestick IPTV Smarters

9. Once installed you should be able to open the app. From here you can scroll back up in this post to see the section on setup for Android and IOS. The configuration of this app is the same.

Advanced Tips and Tricks For IPTV Smarters

Here’s some things you can do with IPTV Smarters pro app.

Unlike the GSE Player app the channel list on this server is categorized into the different sections offered in the server which is pretty awesome.

EPG Guide IPTV Smarters

When viewing a live TV, you can hard press any channel which gives you the option to create a favorite.

how to add favorites in IPTV Smarters Pro

Going back to the main menu for the LIVE TV we can now see the favorites categories with the channels favorites in the last step.

sort by favorites smarters pro

IPTV Smarters EPG Guide and Multi-Screen Feature

Going back to main menu of the IPTV Smarters pro app you can select the “live with EPG” option.

live TV streaming with IPTV Smarters

With the M3U playlist of the server the EPG automatically populated. You can see how the interface of the app in the image below. With M3U it’s the EPG guide is not 100% accurate and some of the channels are missing timing.


Next, we’ll take look at the multi-screen feature. There’s currently 6 options. We chose two screens allow to broadcast two separate channels simultaneously.

Multi Screen layout on IPTV Smarters

With this option the screen with the orange border plays the stream while the other is muted. This way you can watch the score of two different sporting events or keep up with the news / weather.

It’s definitely a nice feature and we didn’t notice any performance issues on BlueStacks. This should work even better if using IPTV Smarters on Android.

Multi channel capability


IPTV Smarters is a great app if you’re using an IPTV M3U playlist.

We’ve found it to have a lot of features that other apps don’t offer.

The app is well developed and we did not find it to be slow which is surprising considering we are using it through the bluestacks emulator rather than directly on our phones or dedicated devices.

On Windows this is one of the better alternatives we’ve tested.

Let me know your thoughts and what others app you’re currently using for M3U.

Written by Andrew Welch