Setup IPTV Extreme on Windows (2021 Guide)

If you’re looking to get your M3U playlist working on Windows then we’ll show you one of the most used apps among the IPTV community. The IPTV Extreme app has over 5+ million downloads with many cool features like parental control, recording, and EPG.

how to setup IPTV Extreme on Windows

The IPTV Extreme app does not provide any streams or live channels through the app. For this tutorial you’ll need an active M3U playlist. You can find free M3U URL’s online and through digging on forums. The alternative is get a paid M3U subscription.

Now, the IPTV Extreme app is not readily available for download on Windows but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. What you’ll need to get first is a free android emulator like bliss, mEmu, koplayer, or bluestacks.

For this tutorial we’ll be using BlueStack which is compatible both on Windows and MAC. It’s the most downloaded android emulator with over 320+ million downloads. (click here to get BlueStacks).

Should I Get IPTV Extreme Free or PRO?

First try the free version, there’s no difference between the free and pro version. The free version doesn’t have any limited features or throttled performance. If you like the app and use it daily then you can always upgrade to the pro version later.

IPTV Extreme logo

Read app description, reviews, and features for the free version from the playstore:

Read app description, reviews, and features for the pro version from the playstore:

The free version has ads which appear at the footer of the app and occasionally when changing channels. For $1.49 CAD or $1.13 USD you can remove ads for a better user experience and to keep the developer fed.

There are other free alternatives to the IPTV extreme app which you can install on Windows through the BlueStack program.

IPTV Smarters
GSE Player
Perfect Player

Install IPTV Extreme Windows with Bluestacks

The first thing is to search for BlueStacks in Google and download the software. The bluestacks can be resource intensive app so if you’re on an old outdated PC then performance can suffer. You can download the program see if it works for you.

Step 1. First search on Google for the Bluestacks program.

download STB emulator on Windows

Step 2. Go ahead and download and install the program. It’s same for Windows or MAC.

download bluestack to computer

Step 3. Once installed it should ask to setup Google account. If it doesn’t you can do this manually by going into the settings. We’ll need to sign in to download IPTV Extreme from the playstore.

sign into google playstore

Step 4. From here click on ‘Accounts’.

accounts setting android

Step 5. Go ahead and sign into your Google account.

add google account

Step 6. Once setup, exit from the settings by closing the tab at the top. From here we can now go into the playstore and download the IPTV Extreme app.

download windows 10

Step 7. Enter the ‘google playstore’.

go to google playstore

Step 8. Open the google playstore on your android device and search for the IPTV Extreme app.

IPTV Extreme google playstore

Step 9. Download and install the IPTV Extreme app developed by Paolo Turatti.

download IPTV Extreme for IPTV

How To Setup and Configure the IPTV Extreme app with M3U URL

All that’s left for us to do is to configure the IPTV Extreme app with the M3U playlist. When you first open the app it will ask if you want to allow IPTV Extreme to access photos, media, and files on your devices.

Step 1. If you want to give permission to the app you can. We went ahead and clicked denied which did not affect the performance of M3U playlist.

IPTV Extreme pro for M3U playlist

Step 2. We’ll need to add our playlist to the Extreme player app. We can do this two ways.

Add M3U URL to IPTV Extreme

Step 3. Click on the 3 dots on the upper right-hand which will reveal the menu and from here we can select ‘playlists’.

ADD Playlist IPTV Extreme

Step 4. Click on ‘add playlist’.

M3U URL IPTV Extreme Android

Step 5. We’ll have three options on how we want to upload our playlist. In this tutorial we’re going to go with add ‘file or link to playlist’.

Note: If you have a purchased M3U subscription the provider should have provided you with portal URL and M3U playlist.

The playlist would look like something like: http://SERVER:8000/get.php?username=XXXXX&password=XXXXX&type=m3u_plus&output=ts

From this we can pull the following:

The portal URL is often everything before the /get.php so in this case:

This is what will be needed if you click on sign in using Xtream code portal. If you’re missing anything you’ll need to contact provider to get right account info.

Add file or link to playlist

Step 6. Copy and paste the playlist link into the second field. For Playlist name you can write anything.

playlist name for IPTV Extreme

Step 7. If you successfully entered correct playlist into the IPTV Extreme app it will begin downloading playlist.

download playlist Extreme pro

Step 8. Allow consent.

IPTV Extreme consent

Step 9. As you can see we have successfully loaded the M3U playlist. This is what the guide on the IPTV Extreme app looks like. It has a horizontal scroll with the different categories.

EPG Guide on IPTV Extreme

Sorting and Favoriting Channels in IPTV Extreme App

Adding favorites in the Extreme app is pretty simple process, you would just need to long-press the channel you’d like to add. This will reveal a menu with a bunch of different option, at the bottom you can see add/remove favorites.

add favorites in IPTV Extreme app

Go through all the channels you’d like to add. Once done, you would just click the favorites tab on the top. Here you will find all the channels favorited.

sort by favorites


Our overall experience testing the IPTV Extreme app on Windows is positive. The app does exactly what we’d expect it to do.

The video player streams the channels well and we did not notice too much buffering or freezing. However, this would be dependent on the M3U playlist, network speed, and computer specs.

Having created multiple set up guides and testing a variety of IPTV apps our personal favorite is the IPTV Smarters app, then GSE Player, and lastly IPTV Extreme.

IPTV Smarters automatically categorizes the playlist into it’s channel groups (English, sports, news, international channels) whereas both IPTV Extreme and GSE player do not. One feature of GSE Player app is it has chromecast feature so you can cast the movies and shows directly onto the big screen from your windows PC or android phone.

Hope this tutorial helped.

Written by Andrew Welch