How To Fix STB Emulator Login Authentication Problem IPTV

You’re trying to stream IPTV service on STB emulator, MAG254, or SMART STB but despite your best effort you can’t seemed to get passed the login and password authentication screen. Keep reading to find out why that’s happening…

authentication screen for IPTV

The login authentication problem is primarily caused by not having the correct MAC address inside the profile settings.

Here’s how things are supposed to work…

All IPTV servers have the same login authentication error, there is no actual username and password that you need to enter to sign in. This is a matter of having an active MAC address, having said MAC address entered the right location, and making sure you’re using the right portal URL. If you get these three things right it would work.

When you first registered for IPTV service your provider likely asked you for a MAC address beginning with 00:1A:79. If your a first time user that is not yet familiar with how things work you may have left this field blank or gave a wrong MAC address that did not begin with 00:1A:79. In this case your provider may have generated one for you. If this is the case you’ll need to edit the existing MAC in place for one created in the settings of the STB emulator app. Once you’ve changed this you’ll be able to by-pass the screen and start streaming.

One caveat… For SMART STB users, MAG 254, Dreamlink, Formuler, and Buzz IPTV box you’ll need to locate the correct MAC (see sticker at the bottom of device) and contact your service provider to register this number instead. Only once you have this MAC activated will you be able to access the content hidden behind this screen.

STB emulator Authentication

Where to find and change MAC address on STB emulator

When you open the app, you’ll likely be greeted with the login / password (how pleasant). Let’s get rid of this by going into the settings of the STBemu app.

1. Even though your screen may have a login you can still use mouse cursor and select on upper right hand side to reveal the 3 dots. Select this and it will reveal a secret drop down menu. From here you can go into settings. Alternatively, you could just press menu on your basic remote that came with device and it will also bring the same menu.

access settings of STB emulator app
2. From within the settings you’ll see option titled ‘profiles’ select this, on android box on the right side it’ll say profile # (some random digits).

select profile option stb emu
3. It would look like this, select the existing profile option. There’s no need to add new profile. By adding new profile you would create a brand new profile with different MAC and portal URL. Only useful option if you’re using multiple servers.

access settings of STB emulator app
4. This would bring you to a new screen with portal settings and STB configuration. The portal settings is where you’ve entered URL. If you’re seeing login, it’s likely you’ve entered that correctly. Under STB configuration you could find the MAC address.

access STB configuration
5. Here you can edit the MAC address to match the one generated. Alternatively, you could contact your provider to make sure this is the one they have registered on their end.

change MAC address to match active one
6. Once you’re certain you have both the correct MAC and URL entered just restart the portal. To do that you would exit back to the blue screen > get the drop menu to appear > select profile twice. An alternative option would be to restart the device and re-open the app and you should see the yellow progress loading bar.

The second and less likely reason why…

Some IPTV servers allow multiple devices for one active MAC Address. This means you can use the one MAC Address across two android devices with STB emulator. However, most servers have a policy to only allow one device to be active at a time. By siging on one device you’re automatically signed out of the second and get infamous authentication screen. Now, to sign back in you would just need to restart the portal and you’ll get access again. However, if you get kicked out constantly then your MAC address may be compromised and you should contact your provider to get a new one registered.


I hope this helped in getting past the wretched login and password.

In short, it’s likely you just have the wrong MAC address or your current MAC entered inside the settings hasn’t yet been activated. Be sure you have entered both MAC and Portal URL correctly. If you’re able to sign but are constantly getting kicked off the server it could be the MAC address is compromised and you should contact your provider.

If you’re still having issues contact your provider where you purchased the service from. They should be able to reset the MAC for you. If you’re on android or Buzz XPL 3000 you could request a change in MAC address. Most servers allow providers to make this change easily on their end.

Written by Andrew Welch