How To Unlock IPTV Adult Channels on STB Emulator 2021

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to unlock the STBemu parental control password in case you forgot the password. After reading this post you’ll learn how to get past the parental control screen on your IPTV service whether you’re using Android box or MAG254 or MAG420. We’ll do this in record time of under 3 minutes.

What is Adult Parental Password in STB emulator

Whether you’re using Amazon fire stick or an Android box the STB emulator will automatically block the adult section. There’s no way to permanently remove the app from asking for this.

The STBemu app can be tedious to use for beginners but hopefully with this article it will accelerate the learning curve.

Let’s dive in.

IPTV Parental Control

1. Select ‘For Adult’ from the STB guide. If you’re using mobile device you can use the on-screen remote and use the buttons. To enable this screen on android or firestick use mouse cursor and select anywhere on screen which will reveal the same remote.

iptv password for adults

2. From here you can enter the password for the adult section. This would depend on the server you’re currently on but typically default password is: 0000, 2728, 9875, 8888, 4546, 5555, 9090, 7274. If none work you will have to contact provider for the correct password.

IPTV Password for Adult channels

3. Android users can skip to step 6. For mobile users and Amazon firestick, select the 3 dots in upper right hand side which will reveal drop down menu.

IPTV parental passcode or pin

4. From this menu you can select the keyboard which will reveal on-screen keyboard.

Adult Channels Password

5. Type in the parental password. Again, if you’re not sure what this contact your provider but most servers have 0000 as default. We’ve also come across servers with 8888, 9875, 2728, 9090, 7274 and 4546.

parental password IPTV

6. Next, make sure the OK button is highlighted. For Android, mobile, and fire stick you all can can use the on-screen remote and select the down button shown in bottom right. From here press OK and if the correct password was entered you’ll be taken through.

Delete Adult Section From IPTV

If you’re looking to remove or restrict the Adult section altogether you’ll need to get in contact with the provider you purchased the service from.

Usually providers have the option to include or remove adult content on their end. Unfortunately, there’s no way a user can do this manually on their end in the STB emulator app.


That’s really all there’s too it. Hopefully this guide was clear and easy to follow along with.

If you did get stuck somewhere along the way please do let me know and we’ll try our best to help you any way we can.


Written by Andrew Welch