How To Fix STB Emulator Zoomed In Issue (Adjust Screen Size and Aspect Ratio)

You’ve set up the STBemu app but for some reason the TV preview doesn’t want to fit the screen or the guide is so zoomed in you can’t even navigate it properly. We’ll show you exactly what’s causing this issue and how to permanently fix once and for all.

how to fix zoomed in graphics issue on STB emulator

This issue of the screen being extremely zoomed in is a common issue experienced for some android users. It usually happens to IPTV users programming their STB emu for the first time which can lead to a bad first impression.

However, the fix for this issue is fairly simple one, we’ve had a 100% success rate with the method I am about to share with you.

STB Emulator zoomed in

Another example of what the zoomed in screen can look like, it cuts the bottom of navigational menu.

fix screen szie STB emu

Fix Graphics Issue on STB emulator

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is get access to the settings of the STB emulator app.

To do this press menu on your basic remote that came with the device. Alternatively, use mouse cursor if you have a keyboard remote and select anywhere on the screen. This will reveal a secret on-screen remote and you will see 3 dots on upper-right hand side.

access menu of STB emu
2. From here enter the settings.

access settings of STB emu pro
3. For mobile users you’ll see an option titled ‘Profiles’ select this.

Profile settings of STB emu free
4. For android box users to the right of the ‘profiles’ option you’ll see an option like the one shown below. ‘New Profile’#(followed by a string of random digits) select this profile.

Profile settings of STB emu free
5. Here you’ll see option to enter advanced settings of the STB emu app.

select advanced settings option STB emulator pro
6. Make sure ‘use alternative web page scaling on Android KitKat’ option is enabled and has a check-mark.

use alternative web page scaling on android

7. That should fix the issue, all that’s left to do is restart the portal. You could just restart the device, but a quick and easy way would be to get the menu from the main screen as we had before. From here select profile twice (shown below).

restart the portal

Change Aspect Ratio:

The first method should have fixed the issue, the other thing I’d recommend you try doing is to play around with the ratio of the TV settings itself. This will vary from TV to TV.

You could also try changing the aspect ratio of the STB emulator.

1. Get the drop down menu and the second option should read ‘aspect ratio’.

get menu and select aspect ratio
2. You can play around with different options restarting the portal with each change to see if it makes a difference (see step 7 for restarting portal). We’ll show you what the default option should be > select standard.

change screen size aspect ratio STB emu
3. The default should be set to 16:9 aspect ratio. Make sure this one is enabled and then go back to step 7 on restarting the portal.

default aspect ratio 16:9


If you follow the steps above you should have fixed the zoomed in issue on STB emulator.

One thing I would also recommend doing after making changes is to clear cache and force stop the app. When you re-open the app it should fit the screen perfectly. If it doesn’t repeating this process of clearing cache + force stop can do the trick.

To do the force-stop and clear cache you’ll need to exit to main dashboard of your android device. From here go into the settings > apps > locate STB emulator.

Here you’ll see options to uninstall, clear data (DON’T press any of these) but also to clear cache and force stop. Go ahead with just clearing cache and force stop. If you do accidentally clear the data you erase all current profile settings of your IPTV service and will need to reconfigure the STB app using the same MAC and URL you had previously had.

If you do click clear data and don’t remember the MAC and URL contact your provider to get this info.

Written by Andrew Welch