How To Clear Cache STB Emulator App [UPDATED 2021]

In this tutorial we’ll show you step by step how to clear cache of the STBemu app (process is the same for free and pro versions).

How to delete Cache STB

Often one of the first troubleshoot steps you should try before contacting your IPTV provider is to clear the cache of the STB emu app.

We’ve seen this fix many issues, particularly if you’re seeing a black screen, issues with the STB guide, emulator not loading properly, or if the streams are lagging or freezing often.

What exactly is the cache and why does clearing it make a difference?

What is this magical sorcery you’ve probably seen in support threads asking you to clear web-browser cache and then restart the browser?

The problem with the internet is it can be slow. whenever you visit a site or use an app it would be faster to load directly from your files on device’s hard disk than to get it fresh from the net. That’s why when you first visit a site it’s often slower to load, but the second visit is a lot faster as your drive has downloaded several items to make the user experience better.

The issue arises when developers and programmers make changes to the files. So if we visit a site that your browser has cached, it’s going to keep serving the old cached version. You won’t immediately see the most recent changes.

By simply clearing the cache you empty the stored files so the next time you open the app everything must be downloaded anew. You basically get a fresh new start.

Now, with the nature of IPTV and STBemu the issues may not always be a caching problem, but because these issues occur often “clearing the STBemu cache” is one of the first diagnostic steps you’ll hear from providers.

How To Clear Cache

Here’s how you would clear the cache of the STB emulator app regardless if you are on mobile Android device or an Android box.

1. Go into the main dashboard of your Android box and go into the settings.

Settings Android Box Menu

2. Select the ‘apps’ options to see all the different apps installed on your device.

Clear Cache of STBemu Pro

3. From here scroll down until you find the STBemu app and select it.

Fix STB emu black screen

4. From here we are given different options, we can clear cache of the STBemu and force stop the app. Just be sure NOT to clear data otherwise you’ll need to completely setup the STB emulator app again.

Fix stb guide missing issue

5. When you click on clear cache it will ask if you’re want to continue. Go ahead and press OK.

fix STB emulator freezing by clearing cache

6. It will ask the same when you click force stop, again just press OK.

Fix IPTV lagging issue by clearing and force stopping app

7. That’s it. Just open the app and give it a moment to load.

NOTE: If things still seem unstable you can uninstall the app and reconfigure with the same account details. You may want to check in with the provider just to be sure you’re not on a server that is restricted to one active MAC as you risk getting the STB blocked Call The Provider message.


By clearing the cache + force stopping the app we’ve seen the EPG guide work better, it resolves some issues with freezing and lag, fixes the blank screen on STB emu.

If you’re still seeing buffering / lag still here’s other things you can try:

  1. Reset Your Internet Modem.
  2. Try connecting device via Ethernet cable for direct connection.
  3. If you’re using an Android box don’t enclose it in a cabinet. Keep it in the open space.

It’s also important to know if you’re using STB emulator for IPTV there are some issues that are beyond troubleshooting. These issues reside with the server and there’s only so much we can do on our devices.

If these issues seem to be happening frequently and persist then it’s best to switch to a different server that seems more stable. With the volatility of the IPTV market it’s best to go month to month to avoid getting burned.

Written by Andrew Welch