SOLVED: How To Fix Blank Channels or Empty Guide for STB Emulator 2021

In this tutorial we’ll show in under 5 minutes two things you can do to fix the empty guide issue for IPTV users on STBemu.

STB emulator missing channels

The screen above is the cause of frustration for many IPTV users. This can happen sometimes happen when scrolling page by page too quickly.

Other times there’s no apparent reason and the STBemu app just does what it wants.

In this short tutorial we’ll show you how you three things you can try which should fix the empty guide issue.

Type Any Number on Android Remote to repopulate an empty guide.

To be honest, we don’t know exactly why this works, but we’ve tried it on many devices and this seems to fix the issue. Simply type any number and give it a second to repopulate the blank guide. For example, on your android remote type in any number, let’s say ‘7’ and in the bottom right you’ll see the number being processed. Just wait for the number to disappear on it’s own and it should load the guide.

Now this may or may not work for you. If it does not then move on to this next step.

Take #2 – Try Reloading / Restarting the portal in STB emulator

Moving onto attempt #2 reloading or restarting the portal. There’s two ways to do this, one is to just completely restart your device and open the STBemu app which will reload the portal.

There’s an easier way you can do this without having to power off the device.

1. The first step is to get the drop down menu of STBemu to appear. You can select menu on the basic android remote. If using a mouse cursor select anywhere on the screen to get this remote and click on the 3 dots on the right.

Settings of STB Emulator

2. Go down to profile option and select this twice which should make the screen flash and reload the portal.

restart the portal STB emulator

Try Clearing The Cache + Force stop

If the above did not help restore the missing channel listing of your IPTV service then this next step should. We’ll be clearing the cache and force stopping the app.

1. Exit out of the STB emulator app into the dashboard of your android device. From here go into the settings.

Settings Android Box STB Menu

2. The location will vary from device to device but you’ll see an option titled ‘apps’.

How to clear cache of STBemu pro

3. Scroll down until you see the STB emulator app.

Fix STB emu black screen

4. Select the ‘clear cache’ and ‘force stop’ options. Just make sure whatever you do to NOT to clear data. This will delete all account info and if you don’t have your MAC address or Portal URL written down you’ll need to contact provider to get your active account info.

Fix STB guide missing issue

5. That’s it, just open the app up and give it a moment to reload. This should fix blank channels issue.


That’s it for this tutorial, please let me know what particular method fixed the issue for you.

If you’re still getting the empty guide in STB then what you can try doing is deleting the data (see step 4) and re-configuring the app. But before you do, make sure you view our guide on setting up STB emulator and write down the MAC and Portal URL of your account.

When you got back and reinstall be sure to use the same MAC and URL which would be required.

We here are dedicated to helping you with any questions you may have so just let us know in the comments below we’ll respond.


Written by Andrew Welch