How to Install IPTV on SMART TV (SMART STB application)

There are two ways you can get IPTV on your LG or Samsung SMART TV. The first is MAC activation with the SMART-STB app and the second is for M3U URL with the SMART IPTV (siptv) app. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install and configure both.


The Good News…

If you already have an LG or Samsung SMART TV the good news is you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware to start streaming. You also have two options, to either use the SMART STB app or SMART IPTV that is built specifically for this platform.

Now, what you will need on your end is an active IPTV subscription If you’ve never purchased IPTV before then there are two types of services you can end up purchasing:

  1. MAC Activated Service
  2. M3U URL Playlist

If you end up choosing MAC activated service you’ll need to download and set up the SMART STB app. For M3U playlists you’ll need to use the SMART IPTV app.

There’s no real difference in quality between the two types of activations, it mostly comes down to personal preference and the channels offered on the server. If you’re more techie you may appreciate M3U playlist as it gives you more options to use the URL on Windows, KODI, iPad, GSE player or with IPTV Smarters app.

If you just want an easy solution for your SMART TV then MAC activation with the SMART STB app would the best choice because of the ease to setup and the more user-friendly interface.

For this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install and configure the SMART STB application. For M3U see the post we’ve written for SMART IPTV on SMART TV.

What’s Cheaper To Use SMART STB or SMART IPTV app?

Set up SMART STB app on SMART TV

Both apps offer a one-time 7 Day free trial for testing. Do not initiate the trial until you have an active IPTV account.

Moving past the trial periods, the SMART IPTV app has a modest one-time price-tag of 5.49 euros (6.14 USD or 8.09 CAD). The SMART STB is the more expensive app with a monthly subscription of $2.55/USD month (3.36 CAD or 2.28 Euro) but it does offer a lifetime purchase for $27 USD (24.12 Euro or 35.53 CAD). If you know you are going to use the app for more than 10 months then purchasing the lifetime license would be more financially sound.

The other cost would be the IPTV subscriptions and these can range on the web from 7USD-12 USD monthly. The MAC activated server and M3U are similarly priced so there’s no real difference in choosing one over the other.

How to install and Configure the SMART STB App

The one thing to know about SMART STB is that it does have some capability issues with specific servers. We tested GOLD, VooDoo, and IPguys and these did not work. When purchasing it may be safer to just ask a provider if the service will work on SMART STB.

Let’s get into the programming of the SMART STB app. We’ll show you how to activate the app and how to change Portal URL:

Step 1. Go into the Samsung Smart Hub or on LG the Content store.


Step 2. Inside the app store on SMART TV click on the search on upper right hand side.


Step 3. Search for either SMART STB or SMART IPTV (depending on type of subscription you currently have).

MAC Activated = SMART STB

Install SMART STB on Samsung SMART TV

Step 4. Once SMART-STB downloaded and installed you’ll see the screen below. Go into system settings.

Go into the system settings of SMART STB

Step 5. From there enter ‘Device Info’.

add portal to SMART STB

Step 6. Take note of the system MAC address and Virtual MAC address. The system MAC is required to register the trial for the SMART STB app. Virtual MAC address beginning with 00:1A:79 is needed by your IPTV provider.

Find Virtual MAC address SMART STB

Step 7. Next we’ll need to register the SMART STB with either 7 day trial or purchase a license. Head over to google and search for ‘SMART STB’.


Step 8. Click on Try & Buy > Get License > and Risk Free Trial. The other two options are the monthly fee $2.55 USD/month or $27.00 USD for lifetime access.

get IPTV free trial on SMART TV

Step 9. We’ll show you how to get a free trial for SMART TV. You’ll need to enter software ID from step 6. Do not include virtual MAC address here. For Portal URL you can leave this blank unless you already have an IPTV subscription and the provider has given you the portal URL (don’t worry if you don’t have this yet we can still enter it later in the app itself).

Activate free trial for IPTV SMART TV

Step 10. Continue with the process of checking out to register free trial.

how to get IPTV on SMART TV

Step 11. Back in the system settings of SMART STB click on Portals.

add portal to SMART STB

Step 12. For Portal name, you can write anything as it’s just for reference. The portal URL will depend on the server purchased and should be given by the provider you purchase the IPTV service from.


Step 13. Press back until you reach the ‘select a portal for loading’ and select the portal you just named in the previous step.

reload Portal on SMART STB

Step 14. You’ve now successfully set up the service on your Samsung TV.

Now, if you’re having issues we’ll cover some of the most common issues you may experience first-time setting up on SMART STB.

Login Authentication Screen SMART STB

If you’re seeing a login screen asking for username or password this is likely due to the MAC address not being activated. You’ll need to contact provider to see if the MAC is active and registered. If you just purchased or renewed the account it could the provider has not yet activated the account.

Portal Loading Screen Frozen / Stuck

Try exiting the app, powering off the TV, unplugging the power cord and wait 30 seconds. Re-plug the TV and try again. Make sure the internet is connected. If this all fails try deleting the app and reinstalling (make sure MAC and URL are the same).

The last reason could be the server you’ve purchased is not compatible with SMART STB. If this is the case contact provider to make sure and see if they have another solution for you or try setting up IPTV on an android device.

SMART STB keeps loading Demo Portal

Verify nothing has changed in the settings of the SMART STB app. You’ll need to make sure the correct MAC and portal URL are being used.

If you’re still having issues with the app and not the IPTV service. Contact SMART STB support by submitting a ticket.


The SMART STB application is a great app to stream IPTV on SMART TV.


  • Don’t need to purchase any new dedicated device.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to setup for first time users


  • There’s a monthly subscription
  • If you don’t want to pay monthly fee, the one time cost for software is fairly expensive at $27.00. on Android box STB emu app is only $7.49.
  • The SMART STB only works with some servers. There are servers where users have mention the app isn’t compatible like IPGuys.

There seems to be a lack of content with regards to setting up the SMART STB app. I hope this review / tutorial helps educate you on your journey.

Written by Andrew Welch