How To Setup IPTV on MAG 250, 254, 256

The infomir MAG devices are a powerful set-top box and a quick solution to launch your IPTV / OTT project. In this tutorial we’ll show you, step by step, how you can properly setup your MAG 250/254/256/322 device to start streaming IPTV.

How to set up IPTV on MAG Device

The MAG is a set-top-box primarily used among the IPTV community for it’s built-in stalker middleware giving it the ability to stream IPTV without having to download any third-party apps like you would on Android with STB emulator.

It’s ease of us makes it a great choice for non-techies, but first time setting up can still be a little bit confusing. We’ve helped many users programming their MAG 250/254/256 device and know where most people get stuck.

In the case you had it already setup but wanted to change the portal URL but forgot how you initially did this, don’t worry we will show you how to do as well.

Let’s get into it.

Configure Network Settings on MAG Device

The first thing you’ll need to do after plugging in your device is to connect the device to the network settings.

1. Go into the settings of your MAG 250/254/256/322 device.

How to setup IPTV on MAG 254

2. From here go into the System Settings.

System settings MAG 250

3. Next go into the Network settings. Here you can either connect via Ethernet or Wireless.

Setup Internet on Informir MAG device

Finding MAC Address of MAG Box with 00:1A:79

In order to get the IPTV service working on your MAG device you’ll need to have an active IPTV subscription. When you first sign up the provider will ask for MAC address which begins with 00:1A:79. If you already purchased the service and they had generated one for you, you’ll need to contact them back with the MAC of your MAG box.

Unlike on STB emulator app on Android or the Buzz Box XPL3000, where you have the ability to edit the existing MAC to match a generated one, the MAG series MAC is set in stone.

At the bottom of your STB box you’ll see a sticker that reads MAC: 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX. This is important as it’s what’s used to identify your device and allow access to the portal.

Settings up IPTV on MAG box

Configuring Settings of MAG Box For IPTV

Now, that we have our MAC address (which the provider has activated) and our device connected to the network we can now input the portal URL and start streaming the IPTV service.

Step 1. Back in the systems settings you’ll see option titled ‘servers’

add portal URL to MAG 250 and 254

Step 2. From here select the ‘Portals’

change portal URL on MAG Device

Step 3. From here we can add or change the Portal URL. For Portal 1 name you can write anything as it’s just for reference. For the field, ‘Portal 1 URL’ you’ll need to enter the portal address which should have been given to your by the provider you purchased the service from. Make sure it’s entered exactly without any typos and saved.

The portal 2 name and URL can be left blank. This is only useful if you have multiple subscriptions to different IPTV servers. This way you can easily toggle between two servers at once.

configure MAG 254 device

Step 4. The last step is to go back to the system settings menu and click restart portal.

How to restart portal MAG device

If the device is connected to a network, the correct MAC address activated, and the right portal URL has been entered then you’ll should see the yellow loading bar.

how to restart portal URL

Once the portal URL has fully loaded you should see a similar interface with the EPG guide below. This is how the IPTV service would look like on your MAG device.

EPG Guide on MAG Device

How To Change Portal URL of MAG 250/254/256 Device

In the case you already had a paid subscription and have changed your sub you’ll need to update the portal URL.

The reason why most people struggle with this is because when you first turn on the device it automatically tries to load the existing portal which is no longer. From there they get stuck at a blue screen saying STB blocked please call your provider or a login screen.

To fix this, unplug your device and plug it back in. Now, when you see the loading screen on startup long-press the menu button (has 3 lines).

MAG 256 login authentication

From here you’ll see the following screen and you can go into the system settings and enter the portal URL as we had shown earlier. The navigation process would be system settings > servers > portal > and from here you can change the portal URL.

reset Portal URL on MAG 250, 254 and 256


That’s all there is to setting up IPTV on a MAG device. It’s a fairly easy process and here’s a short checklist to ensure it’s setup correctly:

  • Make sure MAG Device is connected to the network (either Ethernet or Wi-Fi).
  • Make sure your MAC address beginning with 00:1A:79 is activated with your provider.
  • Make sure the Portal URL has been entered correctly and saved.

If all three criteria are met then the service should work. Common issue is seeing an authentication screen asking for a login/password.

There’s no login and password you need to enter. What this means is the correct MAC address is not being used or the service has not been initiated yet. In either of these cases, you’ll have to contact your provider to see if the account has been activated or if the right MAC address is in use.

Written by Andrew Welch