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How to Change Auto Lock Time on iPhone?

How to Change Auto Lock Time on iPhone

This article will give you a full guide on how to change auto lock time on iPhone.

As we are aware of the iPhone’s display automatically turns off and the device gets bolted or auto locks itself after some time of inactivity.

The iPhone screen off time is restricted to ensure there is no loss of battery just as to keep any unapproved individual from utilizing the device.

Anyway, the default screen time settings may be too long or too short for some.

Fortunately, iOS permits users to change the Auto Lock settings, making it workable for them to choose screen timeout of their preferring.

By changing the setting for Auto Lock you can change iPhone screen timeout.

The steps for changing screen timeout are same for all models of iPhone including iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X etc.

This likewise includes iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s.

So, here we go…

Follow Below Steps to Change Auto Lock Time on iPhone?

1) Go to the Settings app on your iPhone

2) Next click on Display & Brightness option

3) Now click on Auto Lock option

Change Auto Lock Time on iPhone
Change Auto Lock Time on iPhone

4) Here you will see different option from 30 secs, 1 minute to Never

5) Now select the amount of time you want your screen to stay on after you last touch your device

That’s it!

Note: If you choose the option ‘Never’ it will not lock your iPhone until you manually press the side lock button.

But in case you go for the ‘Never’ option then I’d advise you to change it to Auto Lock once the work is done.

Why iPhone Provides Auto Lock Feature?

This feature not only kills a good chunk of your battery but also risk your phone in coming to someone’s hand and an opportunity to go through your personal data.

The reason Apple keeps Auto-Lock on its iPhones and different device is to expand battery life and keep your information secure.

On the off chance that you set your screen to remain on constantly on then ensure you keep an eye on your phone and charge it more than often.

Even consider bringing a compact portable charger when you are out.

I would recommend you to choose the longest time available by Apple that is 5 minutes rather than choosing the ‘Never’ option.

In short, this is all about changing auto lock time on iPhone in no time.

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