How To Remove and Insert a Sim Card In iPhone 5s?

Remove and Insert a Sim Card In iPhone 5s

When you’re using an iPhone 5s, you may encounter activation issues, problems pertaining to the browser or view a blank / frozen home screen. At such an instance, you must remove and then insert the SIM card back into the communication device.

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How to Remove a SIM Card in iPhone 5s?

Before you attempt removing a SIM card, just make sure that you have switched off the cell phone. If you forget to turn off the power, then the card might get damaged. Remember to insert the same card, never swap or alter the SIM card.

Step 1: Switch off the smartphone. Press and hold the sleep button for some time till the slider option appears. Later, turn off the device by dragging the slider.

Step 2: From the right edge, remove the SIM card tray with the help of an eject tool. You would find the tool inside an envelope that was included in the box you received after the purchase.

NOTE: In case you don’t find the tool, then you should use a paper clip. This serves an alternative to remove the tray. You simply have to straighten the long end till it projects out. If you decide to use something else like a screwdriver tip, ensure that the pointed end fits in the SIM card slot. Never try stunts with the communication device because the ejection point is quite delicate.

Step 3: Finally, remove the SIM card as shown in the image below.

remove a SIM card in iPhone 5s

remove the SIM card

How to Insert a SIM Card from iPhone 5s?

As mentioned earlier, turn off the iPhone while you are about to insert the SIM card. Never try to smart in modifying the SIM card. This is because the card won’t fit inside the slot.

Step 1: Ensure that the mobile phone is switched off.

Step 2: With the help of an ejection tool, remove the tray. At this point of time, you would be unlocking the tray in the right way.

Step 3: Finally, insert the SIM card properly. Keep the gold surface towards the bottom to rest in the tray. Let the Verizon logo and the SIM card number be facing upwards. You can easily understand the step through the image as below.

Step 4: After you have inserted the card, gently press the slot for locking it into its place.

NOTE: You shouldn’t force the tray back into the position where it has to be. You are likely to disturb the logic board and would find it tough to connect to a cellular network. Besides, you should never forget to place the tray in the right direction. Be sure to line it up with the pin hole.

insert a SIM card from iPhone 5s

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