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Ways On How to Charge iPhone Faster?

How to Charge iphone Faster

Thinking about charging the iPhone as quickly as possible? Then you should go through the tricks below on how to make your iphone charge faster.

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How to Charge iPhone Faster – Best Tricks you can Try

Select the Right Charger

Before you try out any other trick, you should always select the right charger for the iPhone. Don’t forget to the go through the technical specifications. This would help you decide which one is suitable for the iPhone model. Basically, you would come across chargers with specs like

  • iPhone charger : – 5.1 V, 2.1 amps, 5 watts
  • iPad Charger : – 5.1 V, 0.5 amps, 2.5 watts
  • Computer USB: – 5 V, 0.5 amps, 12 watts

You might get confused on which one to buy. But, the wattage would propel the charging speed. Ideally, higher the wattage, more is the charging rate.

NOTE: Always seek a genuine charger with the Apple logo printed on its body. Avoid using chargers manufactured by other companies. This can damage the battery and reduce the life to some extent.

At the end, this would give you a solution on how to charge your iPhone faster.


Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’

Your iPhone uses power like anything once you have plugged in. While the radio running on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is trying to take in power, the battery is hoping to get some for itself. So, to make the communication device charge faster, always switch to the ‘Airplane Mode’. As this mode can’t send signals just like when you’re in a plane, the mode keeps the device away from incoming and outgoing signals. It’s always good for the iPhone when you won’t be receiving notifications or phone calls. The process would speed up and you would thank yourself for implementing this trick.

Airplane Mode

Switch the iPhone off

You can also observe a faster rate when you switch off the iPhone. While the difference is quite little, it’s worth trying out this trick. A few steps is all you need to follow. Plug the iPhone into the charger, hold the Wake or the Sleep Button and once you see the blackout slide the ‘Power off’ icon.  Leave the mobile device for a few hours till you’re confident that the iPhone is completely charged.

Switch the iPhone off

Connect to Mac

Establishing a connection between the iPhone and Mac is a sure shot way to expedite the charging process. Since power is the product of current and voltage, a USB port can supply voltage with the different rating. While MacBook Air comes with USB 2.0 port with 500mA at 5V, Mac is characterized by USB 3.0 port that supplies current of 1100mA at 5V. Remember to check if the display is turned on when you are following this tip.

Remove the iPhone Case

It might sound silly, but removing the case can actually boost charging efficiency. You would be avoiding the problem of heat buildup which can affect the battery considerably. Ultimately, the battery would stay protected when it might tend to wear out at a faster rate. Most of the time, you may not see the change but the act would be helping to enhance battery life.

Observe the Temperature

As you may have seen, keeping an iPhone in the refrigerator increases battery life. But this doesn’t work much. Instead, you should keep the communication device away from sunlight. Besides, ensure that it’s in a shady region where the temperature is little below than normal. You would be offering a favor too when you don’t slide the iPhone in your pocket.

Finally, Apple suggests you charge the iPhone to 100 percent and allow it to discharge fully until it turns off all by itself. By keeping this in mind, electrons would be continuously moving and you would be helping the battery to enjoy a long life.

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