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7 Things to Do When Google Chrome has Stopped Working


Globally recognized as the most secure web browsers, Google Chrome is used by many individuals worldwide. But, the probabilities are high that the web browser might stop working mid-way during an activity. This actually creates frustration especially when you are researching on a particular topic or enjoying a long duration video. Several culprits, right from a malicious virus to a faulty connectivity interrupt the normal functioning. It’s fairly simple to repair Google chrome has stopped working error with below handful of options you could try out even if you need to tackle with the worse scenario.

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How to Fix Google Chrome not Working Error – Best Seven Ways

Check for Updates

Make sure that you are running the latest version if Google chrome has stopped working suddenly. You can easily decipher from the three bars present at the top-right corner of the window.

In case they are dark grey in color, then you could be confident that you are working on the latest version.

On the other hand, the bars might be in different colors.

  • Yellow denotes that Chrome hasn’t been updated to the newest version
  • Red denotes that it’s necessary to update Chrome.

Observe Chrome’s Task Manager

Chrome Task Manager

Just like Microsoft Windows, Chrome has a Task Manager exclusively meant for gaining control over the tabs. Chrome might become sluggish due to many tabs opened at the same time.

The Task Manager is nothing but a pop-up window which gives you a list of tabs and plug-ins along with the respective memory, CPU, and network usage. Once you are able to figure out which tabs are culprits, you can simply select anyone of them.

The action is denoted by a blue colored strip around the tab details.

Finally, click ‘End Process’ to terminate the tab from running.

Task Manager on Windows

It’s pretty easy to access Task Manager when you are using Chrome on Windows. It would work beyond to resolve the problems faced when Chrome is not working.

Step 1: Simply, click on the Menu button located at the upper right-hand corner of the window. This is denoted by three horizontal lines.

Step 2: Later, hover the mouse on ‘More Tools’ and select the sub-menu, Task Manager.

Step 3: Once the Task Manager pops up, select any of the tabs and click ‘End Process’.

Task Manager on Mac OS X

It’s quite simple and easy when you need to look into the Task Manager on Macintosh.

Step 1: Click the Window present in the Chrome Menu right on the top of the screen.

Step 2: Once you view the drop-down menu, select the option named as ‘Task Manager’.

NOTE: You can also use shortcut keys in lieu of the steps mentioned above.

For Microsoft Windows – Press ‘Shift + Esc

For Chrome OS – Press ‘Search + Esc

Delete Cache Along with Browser Data

There are always high chances for problems to occur when Chrome is packed with some data or information pertaining to an installed app.

The best way is to clear Cache and history in addition to cookies. While history stores the list of web pages which have been visited previously, cookies store non personal information like the IP address. Data more than the usual limit actually slows down the performance of Chrome and eventually causes the browser to stop working.

Let’s have a look how the task is achieved

Step 1: Click on the three horizontal bars at the top-right corner.

Step 2: Hover the mouse on Tools and delete browsing data.

Step 3: Post selection of data, press ‘Clear Browsing Data’

Clear Browsing Data

Step 4: Finally, don’t forget to restart Chrome.

Scan the System for Malware

Scan for Viruse

Even when you can’t restore Google Chrome through any of the aforementioned steps, then you should scan the computer to detect malware.

Double click on the Antivirus Software and opt for ‘Full System Scan’. Make sure that the database of the tool has been updated. The color of the icon would help you determine if an update is required.

Close Google Chrome Tabs Directly

Quite frequently, a blue page depicting an unhappy face gets displayed when Chrome stops working. But, it is very much easier to take care of such error messages.

Simply, copy and paste the URL again and click on ‘Refresh’. If the problem persists, then close the tab, paste the URL in a new tab and hit ‘ENTER’. It’s just like starting off on a new note.

Finally, if you think that the problem is due to a plug-in then you would get a yellow message on top of the screen. This signifies that a particular plug-in has stopped working. Most of the times, the error occurs when plug-ins like Shockwave and Flash stop functioning. You then are not able to load videos and similar kind of digital content.

As said earlier, reinstalling the browser would be an answer to the question, “how to fix Goggle Chrome?”. Contact an IT professional if you time is valuable and you need to get things fixed at the earliest.

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