Youtube2Mp3: Convert YouTube Videos To Mp3 [Free Tool]


This guide will help you to know that how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 using free tool called which is now

Well, YouTube has created history and it records more than 80% of the internet surfing in search of any sorts of topics or categories of the video searches.

Many of the interesting topics are again released on the YouTube platform on a day to day basis which includes games, education, history, technology, fashion and a lot more.

So, you can easily stream and also download them with the help of some tools such as –


In this post, we will discuss youtube2mp3 cc tool in detail and let you know 10 steps to use this tool to convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 for free.

We can generally find the availability of the internet in each and every part of the world and so, this particular website i.e. youtube2mp3 cc provides the easiest and also fastest way for downloading the YouTube video to the computer system in mp4 and mp3 format.

Apart from that, both of these two formats work on every latest technology like tablet iPod, Android Smartphone, Mp3 player and iPhone Laptop.

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Best Features Of This YouTube Video Converter Tool

Whenever the YouTube link is pasted and also the file is converted, it specifically has the temporary cloud storage from where you can download and thereby send it to your Dropbox. It allows your family or friends to get the direct file of that YouTube video.

How To Use YouTube2mp3 To Download or Convert YouTube Videos?

In case you don’t want to invest in paid video converter tools, then this Youtube2mp3 is your go to software.

Don’t worry below are the steps you can follow to use this free YouTube video converter tool.

Step 1:
First of all, you need to open the internet browser and open the After that, in the search bar, you should type the Youtube2mp3 and then look for website and click on it.

In case, you click on this website www youtube2mp3 cc, then it also redirect to ytmp3 cc website.

Step 2:
The next step is to visit the and after that, open any video that you would like to download or convert.

Step 3:
The third step is to copy the URL and paste it to the youtube2mp3 converter website.


Step 4:
Now, you possibly have the choice to make a selection of mp4 or mp3 for converting and also downloading to your local pc storage. After that, you need to click on the “Convert” button.

Step 5:
You need to select mp3 and after that click on the convert button for the positive response of this online converter. So, you will get to see whenever you select mp3 or mp4 as it will be highlighted.

Step 6:
By initializing, checking, loading and finally converting the video file into the converting system, you will get to see that the software is working well.

Step 7:
After that, your youtube2mp3 file is converted and finally stored to the software cloud system where you will get three options such as:

  • Convert next
  • DropBox
  • Download

Step 8:
To check whether the same file is downloaded or not, you need to select the download option. As a result, you will see a new window pop up present below the bar and the specific file starts downloading.


Step 9:
The next step is to right-click on the downloaded file for the purpose of finding the folder where it is downloaded. After that, you will get to see that the file is downloaded in mp3 format.

Step 10:
Finally, you can test the file by double-clicking on the file whether its work or not on the Microsoft window.

YouTube2mp3 FAQs

Here are some of the common problems along with the solutions which users are facing frequently –

Q1. Does This Online Youtube Video Converter Software Provide Feature to Edit Audio Quality?

Ans: No, it doesn’t provide any custom editing feature. So, the overall quality of MP3 remains the same as the video is uploaded.

Q2. Does The Initializing Process Is Stuck While Conversion Of The File?

Ans: All that you need is to restart your program and after that, attempt once more if it is not too much trouble erasing your program store. In this case, it would be ideal if you attempt to utilize another program.

Q3. Where I Went Wrong Error Message Appears Every Time?

Ans : This can be due to many of the reasons and so, it would be important for you to make sure that the specific video is as yet accessible on the web without login.

Q4. The Downloaded File Is Not Accepting My iOS Device I.e. iPod or iPhone?

Ans: In case you are an Apple user, then you should know that copying of any file in the iPad or iPhone id required in the specific Apple software. So, it would be great if you consider downloading the application “Documents by Readdle” from the Apple Store to have the specific option to spare records to your gadget.


You can also find the availability of many of the best converter apps in the market of which some of them are free but, for a limited period. So, for them, the www youtube2mp3 cc is now ytmp3 cc is the best.

So, try this tool for easy, fast downloading and converting YouTube files in the MP4 or MP3 and store them to your PC.

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