Tvmuse Down: Best Alternatives to Consider in 2021

TVmuse alternatives

Specifically, the first week of the year 2019 was bad for most of the movie lovers. It is because of the leading movie and also the TV show streaming TVMuse was taken down just because of the copyright issues.

During that specific period, the main TVMuse domain i.e. tvmuse eu, as well as, was unavailable and it is till now, not live on the internet.

Some of the rumours also emerged in regards to the server shut down of the TVMuse. Many of the people through Twitter and Facebook claimed that the server was mainly taken down just because of the privacy issues prevailing in the UK.

Whereas, the others stated that it was a kind of temporary take-down and the particular server will be live after few days with a completely new domain name.

So, this kind of discussion generally persistent through several forums likes Reddit. This is all because of the silence that is adopted by the tvmuse team.

Thus, it has made many of the people to look for the best tvmuse alternative like tvmuse cc to watch movies for free online.

Mirror Site Of TVMuse

It is a general thing that whenever a specific URL or domain is taken down due to legal or copyright issues, mainly the people who are behind the service will focus on coming with similar content but through another domain name.

In the overall procedure, all that they need to do is to copy or Mirror the contents of the server and after that change its URL address.

As a result, both the database values along with the contents will not be lost and you can easily make use of the new website as you do with the previous one.

In this regard, PirateBay is considered to be the chief pirate content holding website which generally contains similar sorts of content.

So, TVMuse might be taken down because of some of the copyright issues and this is the main reason, why people behind the site are focusing on an overall backup of the old website content.

They also formed a proxy site that works like the old TVMuse site by using the content. But, only, there is a change in the URL.

So, it is very important to find out what is the new URL of TVMuse?  Well, it is

Best 6 TVMuse Alternatives (2020)

You can again consider some of the best TVMuse alternatives that possess alike features. All of these particular websites provide important links to stream movies in Full HD Quality.

Many of them are completely free to use whereas the others do not need any sort of registration.

This section again talks about some of the most popular streaming websites like TVMuse.

1. GoMovies

As shown by the title tag of GoMovies, you can easily consider watching full movies for free through this particular website. There is also the presence of a search box on the homepage where you can search for your preferred TV shows or movies. Most of the movies which are listed on GoMovies come in 720p or HD quality.

As a result, you do not have to be concerned much about the server. Each video on GMovies possesses links to multiple streaming services such as Openload, VodCloud, Streammango, etc.

The site is completely free to use and it does not require registration but, you will find a number of advertisements which include popups there. By using the menu bar, navigation throughout the site is considered to be very easy.

2. Series-Top

It is evident from the name itself that the particular website is known to be exclusive for watching all old and also new episodes along with TV shows. But, on this website, you do not have the option to embed the videos.

But, they are involved in providing links to the streaming servers. Once you click on the links, you will be redirected to the sites like vshare, streammango, etc. So, for getting more features on this particular website, you can consider registering an account.

3. 123MoviesTime

123MoviesTime is more or less similar to GoMovies and so, it is considered to be a good alternative to TVMuse. Through multiple streaming services, you can consider watching the videos. Also, during the playback, few buffering are made. There are again SD, HD and also CAM quality videos which are completely free to watch.

An extra service is that you can also watch anime videos. On the menu bar, you can find a request section where you can possibly make a request to the team for a missing TV show or movie. So, as to get extra features, you can also register for a free account.

4. SideReel

This is an important platform for TV fans to find out their favorite movies as well as shows. Along with that, you can also review and rate them accordingly.

On this website, there are about 10 million people who have opened an account and about 20 million unique visits are mainly offered by this site. Through SideReel, you have the option to watch movies, TV shows, Animes for free.

5. WatchEpisodes

This particular website is mainly for watching series and also TV shows. The search box that is present on the top of this website has such an option so that, you can easily search for your preferred shows. On the basis of different categories like Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Action, etc., you can filter the videos.

There is the presence of a special menu which helps in the categorization of the popular TV shows as well as the latest TV shows. The website also possesses some other interesting features. So, you can easily download wallpapers which are again related to that show.

The WatchEpisodes is known to be a favorite choice for most of the people because this particular site can provide links to about 500 streaming services and that too for a single video.

6. Crackle

Sony’s Crackle is known to be free to use website that allows you to watch TV shows along with the movies for completely free. Unlike services like Prime Videos and Netflix, it is completely free although it is a service by Sony. But, unfortunately, this particular website is not available in all countries. So, in order to access it, you might have to use a US VPN.

You can start enjoying your favorite TV shows along with the movies once you get this website working. One of the largest libraries is mainly offered by this particular website whenever it comes to streaming content for free.

As it is a Sony product, this site also possesses a great user interface. The user interface of this website mainly allows the users to navigate through the whole website without any sorts of issues. So, you will be able to find all of your desired movies along with the TV shows without any particular issues.

Final Words

We all know that the particular TVMuse site has come back with a completely new domain named But, in case you are a huge fan of tvmuse, then you need to remember the new site and finally consider it when needed.

It is also true that the new domain might also get down either for copyright violations or any other issues. So, you can get an update of the latest URL here, if anything like that happens.

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