How To Save Photos From Tumblr App To iPhone?

How To Save Photos From Tumblr App To iphone

Are you using Tumblr app on your iPhone? If yes, then it might be possible that you may face difficulty in saving pictures or videos to your photo gallery. If it is true with you, then this guide on “How to save photos from Tumblr App to iPhone” will surely help you out.

Browsing on Tumblr can be so much fun.

You might probably come across various funny graphical images or Gifs and fail videos that will giggle you a lot all day long.

The only issue with this app is that will not work in places where Wi – Fi is not available, or your data plan is limited.

Gifs are usually bearable as they are compressed and short to the smallest size possible. But for videos, this can be head-breaking for people who don’t have an unlimited mobile data on the go.

Unfortunately, it prevents you from saving or downloading pictures or videos from Tumblr to your iPhone.

This guide will show you the various ways on how to save images or videos from Tumblr to iPhone for offline viewing.

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How to Save Photos from Tumblr App to iPhone?


Download this free app from the iTunes store. Tyblr enables you to browse the Tumblr app and the videos from the same platform to your camera gallery.

Not to mention, it can also save photos from Tumblr app, this app will also show you with two various feeds. You can also switch back and forth the video when ever you wish.

How To Save Videos Or Images From Tumblr using Tyblr?


Download Videos Or Images From Tumblr
Download Videos Or Images From Tumblr


  • Download the app from the iTunes app store
  • Now open the app and log in with your Tumblr Account
  • Scroll through the feed, under each post there will be a “Save” button below right hand corner.
  • Click on it and begin downloading the selected post, it might be anything video and photo
  • The media file will be then transferred directly to your image gallery

Now check whether its working well, open the images app and then you must see the image or video you downloaded from the app.


If you have jailbroken your device, there is tweak referred as Dwnldr that enables you to save any images from Tumblr directly to the photo gallery. You don’t have to refer any third party application from the app store.

How To Download Tumblr Content With Dwnldr?

  • Open Cydia and wait for the app to reload all the repository and packages
  • Visit BigBoss repository and search for Dwnldr. You can also use the search function to search for the app.
  • This is paid Cydia tweak and so you will have to pay and install it to make the options visible.
  • After buying the package, click the install and begin Springboard

After completing the installation process, just open the Tumblr app, as there are no other options to configure. Search for your favorite image or video, tap and hold on it.

You will notice a pop up asking whether you want to save the image or the video to the camera roll of your iOS device or Dwnldr Video Vault.

When choosing the image gallery, you can immediately grab the image or the video and upload it on the other sites. The valut is there to guide you store the content inside the Tumblr app.

And that’s it, this is how you must download tumblr videos onto your iOS device without 3rd party app store application.

Remember that downloading or saving videos and pictures from Tumblr is not safer as you might run into copyright issues, especially, when sharing those contents on other social media networks. This is one of the reasons why the app itself don’t provide a built – in download button.

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