EBTEDGE: How to Login Account


No matter either you are using EBT merchant or EBT partner account, this ebtEDGE guide will help you to know how to login to access your details.

EBT, which is called the Electronic benefit transfer is a way which is followed to deliver the advantages by the Division of Family Assistance (DFA). For the benefit of cardholders, FIS created ebtEDGE for users.

Basically, this is a platform where users are allowed to get the complete details regarding the EBT cards. So, if you are the one who owns it then you can get the detailed information from ebtEDGE.  It doesn’t matter whether you use an EBT merchant or the EBT partner, it allows you to create an account in a jiffy.

If money is credited to your EBT card and you want to check the details, then just sign in to to get the details. It not only allows you to check the balance on your EBT card but also complete access to all your benefits.

On the other hand, the website offers excellent customer service who will also guide you on

1. How to create ebtEDGE account?
2. How to log in to your ebtEDGE account?
3. How to track your benefits?

ebtEDGE is a single roof to track all details about EBT cards and the benefits that offer to the users. In a nutshell, it’s a place from where you are allowed to access all your account details and it acts like a customer care center.  You can also call their 24/4 customer service on (888) 997 – 9777 to get immediate assistance.

How to Apply for EBT Card?

The SNAP, Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program is a Colorado-based food assistance program, also called Food Stamps. This offers food assistance advantages as part of a federal nutrition program to allow a citizen who can’t afford to buy household and food purchase.

To be eligible, you must;

  • Submit your identity to get verified
  • Only US citizens are allowed to apply
  • Must provide social security numbers
  • Should submit income proof (pay stubs or statement )

About The ebtEDGE

As mentioned, the website is a place where you can get complete details about the EBT cards. You will get various benefits as a cardholder. You might be given with different logins as there are many services and agencies that are involved, hence to avoid confusions.

ebtEDGE Login – How to Do it?

You will be offered an EBT card if you get the SNAP benefits. This card is basically like a debit card to buy food and groceries.  At the back of the card, you will find the card number is your username and the password will be issued when you get the card which is confidential.

Step 1

Go to or you can install ebtedge app in play store and following below steps.

ebtEDGE login
How to Login ebtEDGE

Step 2

In the left corner, you will see “Cardholder login”

Step 3

Now type the card number, it’s a 16 digit number which is usually displayed on the back of your card.
EBT account

Step 4

Now type the password

Step 5

You will be logged in to your EBT account

Step 6

If you face any issue with the sign in, then feel free to contact the customer care department for assistance.

You will also be able to check your balances and about the future benefits when you log in to your account. The website also allows you to check where you can use the card to redeem its benefits and about is partner stores where the card will be accepted.

By accessing the portal you can check for

  • Fund balance
  • Benefits

Login Troubles

If you face any trouble while logging into your ebtEDGE account follow;

  • Double check your login credentials
  • Click > trouble logging in
  • Click > assistance
  • You can call and get assistance

Hope this guide help you to understand how to use ebtEDGE, why you should use it, how to login ebtEDGE, who can use, etc. Don’t forget to share this information with other EBT card holders on social media.

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