How to Find & Browse Tinder Profiles Without Account?

How to Find Someone on Tinder Without Account

How to find someone on Tinder or browse user profiles without account?

Well this is one of the valid questions asked many times by people all around the world.

Many individuals want to know about this maybe because they want to check whether their partner is on Tinder or not.

This point is also valid for people who were using Tinder before but might have met their match and decided to delete their account from the platform, but just to double check want to see it by their selves but is it really possible to find someone on Tinder without account?

So, let me first make it clear that no matter what paid service you opt for there is no possible way to browse Tinder profiles without account.

These paid services will obviously use an account for your search or will not be able to deliver what you are looking for.

So long story short, a Tinder account is necessary in order to find people on the platform.

However, you can always set up a fake account and look for people anonymously, but we do not recommend that at all.

How to Find Someone on Tinder?

As per Tinder, inactive accounts won’t show up in individuals’ stacks.

Profile cards are chosen from dynamic clients inside the standards you set.

Also, according to Tinder there is no point indicating profiles of individuals who won’t answer or swipe back, so they aren’t gotten by the calculation.

So, all this actually means that if someone appears on your Tinder profile that simply means that they are using them.

But we can also consider that they could have basically signed in to erase their photographs or something innocuous.

There are two different ways to discover.

The first, and seemingly best is to sit them down and have a discussion about it.

Clarify what occurred, that they came up like a companion’s Tinder coordinate, and that they should not have.

If the answer is that they were simply evacuating their pics and shutting their record down.

Question replied and you live joyfully ever after.

Second option is that you can set up a fake account and witness what’s going on by your own eyes.

On the other hand, Tinder does not ask for Facebook verification, so you can easily set up an account using an email id.

How to Look For Someone in Particular on Tinder?

Well if you are dedicated on finding that one person on Tinder, first essential thing is to make an account.

Which I think you have already done considering that there is no way to browse tinder profiles without account.

So, the first thing after making an account on Tinder, you should change your settings and narrow it down in reference to the individual that you want to find.

Example: Narrow down the age, location setting etc.

Start swiping after this step and the chances of finding them will definitely increase.

One more thing that can be done to find someone on Tinder is that you can search the internet.

For this go to your browser and type “*username* (replace username with their actual name)

This will obviously not be useful about getting information about that person, but you might get lucky and find out whether he or she exist on Tinder or not.


So, this was the guide about how to find someone on Tinder.

Go through the whole article and understand how actually this works and how there is no possible way to browse someone without an actual Tinder account.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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