MyHRConnection and GiantEagle Self Service Login Process

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MyHRConnection is an online portal for the service system. This is to login by the employees of Giant Eagle, Inc.

If you are the employee of Giant Eagle and want to gain the benefits of the job, then this information is for you. To maintain the current job schedule, and profile then this login portal service of MyHRConnection will help.

Giant Eagle is known as the largest private corporation. It comes under the list of largest distribution nationwide, and food retails. The company keeps its customers happy and even maintain the business.

Are you already connected to the Giant Eagle then you must go with MyHRConnection to get the login and get service? Before doing this, you need to check the introduction and the relation between MyHRConnection, and Giant Eagle.

What is Giant Eagle?

Through MyHRConnection login portal the Giant Eagle gives benefits to it’s employees. This portal is having all the facilities for logging in. This includes the ID information of Giant Eagle employees.

It is counted as one of the secure connections between MyHRConnection, and Giant Eagle. The login or register will not work if you left the job or no more an employee. You need to connect with the Technology Service Desk (1-888-826-3193) if you need any help.

MyHRConnection Features and Benefits:

  • Daily tasks are given to the employee.
  • In the employee login profile weekly and monthly work is made separately.
  • On the external login portal, there is a bonus update for the employees.
  • Through this login portal, the employee gets the benefit of overtime work.
  • The holiday is also updated into the login by Giant Eagle.
  • The employee can directly contact MyHRConnection if they face any issues or have any complaint.
  • To increase the current destination of the company the system guides the employee.

There are many more things that you can receive from MyHRconnection. For getting all this, you need to login through the login portal website after registration.

How can You Register yourself in MyHRConnection?

Follow the below step by step guide for MyHRConnection account Registration

Step 1: You need to open the MyHRConnection URL into your web browser.

Step 2: You will receive a notification that the site have been changed. There you will see a button “here”. Then click on it.

myhrconnection login step1

Step 3: When the web page will load, you will get the PLEASE READ INSTRUCTION note. In this note, you will get the information.

myhrconnection information protection step

In the end, you will see “Team Member Login” screen. Which is nest to already enrolled then you need to click on it.

MyHRConnection Team Member Login Step

Step 4: In this step, you will need to enter your mail id or Team Member ID. Then click on the Next button.

Note: if you enter things that are not correct then the system will not allow enrolling. For successful enrollment, you need to enter all the right information.


Step 5: Some security questions can be there. If there is no question then proceed next for completing the login process

You will receive a confirmed message once you are registered from Giant Eagle company through mobile, or mail.

About the Password, you need to use the same passwords that you have given during enrollment. If you have not done any enrolled then question may come in mind that what is the default password? If so, then default password is Ge+. The last four digits of social security number, and 8 digits of the birth date.

Step by Step Guidance for MyHRConnection Login

Step 1: In the new tab, open Self-service MyHRConnection URL

Step 2: After this, you need to fill up the USER ID and PASSWORD. Then you need to click on the login button.

Step 3: after all this, you will enter the login system where you can easily manage your employee profile.

NOTE: you can even use the same email ID and member ID that you have provided during the job confirmation.

How to Reset the Password for MyHRConnection?

It’s very hard for people to remember the passwords of all the things. If you have forgotten your login password then you have to follow below steps:

Step 1: In the new browser, you need to open the login link.

Step 2: next to my account question you will see an option of “Forget My Password”. Then you just have to click on it. the page will load to reset password form.

Step 3: Here you have to enter the valid user name that you have to give before. Then you have to click on the “answer my question” button. When you enter the username, this will become visible.

Step 4: You will be sending mail to your given email address. This will happen after enrolling yourself in the Giant Eagle computer. Go as per instructions and complete the process by typing new password for your recent login of MyHRConnection

Step 5: you need to go to the login page once your passwords are successfully reset. Then you have to check if the password is working. If you face any problem you need to contact the MyHRConnection help desk.

MyHRConnection login helps the employee to grow and get a lot of benefits.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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