Fix Host Not Found Issue for IPTV

A Guide to troubleshooting the host not found error message.

how to fix host not found

This a very common issue that appears on the STB emulator app while streaming IPTV service. Really any MAG device (MAG250, 254, 322, 420) or supported IPTV device can give you the same host not found error message.

In this guide we explore three possible scenarios why this may be happening on your device.

Most Common Reason for Host Not Found

This would apply to those who already have an active account and hadn’t had any issues until now.

If this is your first time seeing the message it’s likely just because your device has disconnected from the network.

Go into the settings of your device > network > make sure the internet connection status is showing ‘connected’. In some instances the android device may show ‘saved’ meaning it’s been disconnected from the network. Go ahead and just reconnect.

If your device is showing connection failed, try restarting your internet modem and then retry. The best solution would be to connect your device by a direct line via Ethernet cable if possible. Some devices like firestick don’t have this option, which is why for IPTV, a box is better buy.

Host Not Found IPTV on STB Emu

Second Reason (For Android Device with STB emu)

The second reason would apply to users who are trying to set up for the first time. Verify that your network is connected. If you’re still seeing the ‘host not found’ then it could be the Portal URL that was typed in the incorrect field. For STB emulator on Android here’s the right location where the URL should be entered.

1. First we’ll need to get into the settings of the STBemu app. From the host-not found page you can select anywhere on the screen with mouse cursor and reveal this on-screen remote. Here click the 3 dots. Alternatively, you can press menu on your remote (button often looks like three lines) this will reveal the menu and you can then access settings.

Profile Settings of STB emulator
2. From within the settings of STB emu go into ‘profiles’.

profile settings of STB emulator free app

3. Make sure you enter the existing profile, there’s no need to create a new profile. By creating a new profile you’ll end up creating a new MAC address which is no good.

STB emu

4. Of the existing profile, go into ‘portal settings’.

portal settings of STBemu

5. Within the portal settings you’ll see two fields. ‘portal url’ and ‘internal portal url’ it’s easy to get mixed up between the two. You’ll need to make sure the URL that was provided upon purchase was entered in the first field highlighted, not the internal portal url.

By entering it in the internal portal URL you would cause the “host not found” error. If you had entered the address in the internal portal URL then delete the URL and leave this field blank.

go into portal settings

6. Exit back to the main screen of the application and reload the portal.

Third Reason:

If you’ve confirmed that the connection to the device is secured, and the URL has been entered in the right spot, the last possible scenario would be an issue with the server itself.

IPTV servers, especially those distributed through a network of resellers, can fluctuate and go down from time to time. This could be due to a technical issue on the servers which are usually short-lived. Other times they can down for few days as the server moves to new URL. The worse case scenario is the server gets permanently shut-down, in this case it’s time to find a new IPTV server.

For a more accurate understanding you should reach out to your provider and ask them if there’s a problem on the server or for any new URL changes you need to make on your end.


The host not found error is likely caused by one of three things.

1. The device being disconnected from the internet. (if the service was working and this is your first time seeing the message – this is likely the case)

2. Having entered the Portal URL in the wrong field on Android device (i.e. the internal portal URL vs. the portal URL).

3. The server is updating to a new URL, or is temporarily experiencing downtime or has been permanently shutdown. (least likely – contact your service provider to get an understanding of what’s happening).

Written by Andrew Welch