What is Kahoot Smasher and How to use it?

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This guide will introduce you to the best kahoot smasher tool available online which you can use for free to prank your teachers.

Kahoot is a popular educational platform with millions of its players around the globe. They are happily using this platform for learning purposes by solving the games. Kahoot can be explored either as a student or as a teacher. Many schools and colleges use Kahoot to test out the students.

However, there are some students who want prank out their teachers. If you want to make fun out of your Teacher’s kahoot, here’s the Kahoot Smasher tool ( This tool generates Bots for the selected game.

Well, there are many kahoot smash alternatives are available but this tool works best when it comes to prank your teachers using Kahoot.

Kahoot Smash Game
Kahoot Smash Game


Let’s discuss, what is Kahoot smasher and how to use it for fun.

What is Kahoot Smash Tool?

Kahoot Smash (Smasher) is a handy tool designed for the Kahoot users who want to explore the platform with a different way.

With Kahoot Smasher, you can prank your teacher by generating more players of the game. The tool adds up bots to the game which amaze everyone around you. Yes, this tool works smart and runs effectively to generate bots.

This tool is there for the Chrome users. It comes as a Google Chrome Extension which can be easily added to your Google Chrome extension.

We would guide you to install this extension on the Chrome browser and making use of it.

Note: Using such tool is not a legal way to explore this educational platform.

How to Use Kahoot Smasher?

Step 1:
Make sure to launch Google Chrome web browser and visit the official Website of Kahoot. Log into your Kahoot account by entering the credentials.

Step 2:
Now, go to the Chrome Webstore page. You can visit the Chrome Web store by clicking at here

Step 3:
You cloud see the Search option at the left side. Kindly enter Kahoot Smasher and hit the Enter button.

Step 4:
You would be presented with Kahoot Smasher Extension’s main page with all the required information.

Kahootsmash Google Chrome Extension
Kahootsmash Google Chrome Extension

Step 5:
At the upper right corner, you could see Add to Chrome button. Click that button.

Step 6:
The browser will check for the compatibility and then, the extension will be downloaded. You could see successful message when it is installed successfully on the Chrome browser.

Step 7:
Now, click on to the extension icon from the upper right corner and select the Smash it option.

Step 8:
A new webpage will be presented to you asking for a PIN of the game which you want to Smash with bots.

Step 9:
Once you enter the PIN of the game, Click the Enter button.

That’s all you have to do in order to make use of the Kahoot Smasher Extension on a Google Chrome browser. The tool works smartly and gives you the best of experience of using such tool to amaze the masses around.

Once you hit the Enter button, you would be able to see how quickly new bots are joining the game. Make sure to enter the right PIN of the game before hitting the Enter button. You can control the bots and stop the Smasher by clicking on to the same icon. It doesn’t require any special skills.

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