How to Delete (Deactivate) Skype Account On Android, iOs, Windows and Mac


Don’t you need Skype anymore and looking for ways on how to delete Skype account on windows, Mac, Android or iOs devices? if yes, this guide will surely help you.

Microsoft has really made closing a Skype account much more complicated than you had thought about.

This is because you have to go through multiple steps to deactivate your Skype account.

So, in this post you will learn the exact steps you need to know how to delete Skype account completely?

Well, it primarily involves:

  • Removing payment modes
  • Cancelling subscriptions
  • Unlinking the respective account

Let’s get started…

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How to Delete Skype Account (10 Steps)

Step 1: Sign in to your account through the URL —

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Account Details’ and click on the option ‘Account Settings’ listed under the ‘Settings and Preferences’ section.

Skype Account Details

Step 3: Click ‘Unlink’ only if the account is linked to Microsoft. If you view ‘Not Linked’ then you should head for step 5.

Skype Account Setting

Step 4: On unlinking the account, click ‘Continue’ to register your confirmation. Remember if you see ‘live:[your email address without domain]’ or ‘outlook:[your email address without domain]’ then you suppose that unlinking would result into loss of contacts associated with

Step 5: Login in again if unlinking redirects you to the login page.

Step 6: For cancelling subscriptions and payments, under ‘Account Settings’ of Skype, click ‘Subscriptions’ you desire to cancel in the blue region present towards the left hand side.

Skype Subscriptions

Step 7: Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm through the option ‘Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel’. You are then ready to request for refunds. This could be done through filling details into the Cancellation and Refund form or a live chat with one of Skype’s customer support team member.

Step 8: Just in case you own a Skype number, then click ‘Skype Number’ in ‘Manage Features’ followed by the option ‘Cancel Skype Number’.

Cancel Skype Number

NOTE: You can avail a refund if the Skype number is cancelled.

Step 9: For recurring payments, disable the Auto-Recharge feature and click ‘Disable’ in the Auto-Recharge’ tab. This feature is visible next to Status.

Step 10: Finally when you have followed the aforementioned steps, contact the support team and request them to close your Skype account at the earliest. Visit to know more.

There are plenty of consequences you might face when you close your Skype account. Data gets lost and Microsoft would take a maximum of 30 days to remove your name from the directory.

So, it’s imperative to change the mood message and the profile picture so that your identity is hidden from others.

Besides, you should set your status as invisible and delete all personal information.

How to Remove Skype Profile Information?

To make it tough for others to recognize you online and prevent others from seeing your profile information, follow the steps as under –

Step 1: Tap ‘My Info’ if you are Skype user on iOS. Click on the ‘Profile Picture’ and delete the image via the option ‘Remove Profile Picture’.

How to Remove Skype Profile Information

Step 2: Go about updating the status. This can easily be accomplished by entering a message to show that you are inactive. If you are using iOS, then click on ’My Info’ tab and update it the way you want.

Remove Skype Profile Information

Step 3: Tap on ‘My Info >> Status’ for iPhones or ‘File >> Change Status’ if you are operating Mac.

Step 4: Log out of the account remotely through the word ‘/remotelogout’ typed in the chat window.

Skype Remote Logout

Step 5: Update profile details by clicking ‘Edit Profile’ in ‘Settings & Preferences’.

Later, erase all personal identifiable information along with the contact details. Remember to leave the email ID. This would make it easier for verification when Microsoft is closing your account once and for all.

Hope we have helped you with a comprehensive procedure on how to delete Skype account. If you find this information useful then do share with other users well so that they can accomplish the task without any hassle.

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