TypeRacer: Play to Improve Your Typing Speed with Fun


TypeRacer was launched in 2008 and claimed to be the first multiplayer typing game in the web arena.

It is a great method to speed up your typing skills while racing against others.

You can enter a web typing race against obscure rivals, decide to improve your typing skills or welcome companions to a private race.

More youthful typists may incline toward Desert Typing Racer which has a range of difficulty levels.

Blunders are not acknowledged in this game, so users should utilize the erase key to fix botches before completing a statement.

They’ll at that point see their WPM (words every moment) normal and best WPM.

To see the leader board, users will need to connect to their Facebook accounts.

Does Really Improve Typing Speed?

Well yes, the more you work on typing, the quicker you will get, and Type Racer – a game about composing quick which can help with that.

You need to know the QWERTY design of a touchscreen keyboard as of now as there is no guidance available in-application.

Users will not get the chance to rehearse with the move key, as it’s excluded.

The statements are now and again interesting and make rehearsing fun, however, the quotes are sometimes not suitable for small children and frequent advertisements intrude on the game.

How To Play TypeRacer?

In the game you will get a blue coloured car, that is your car.

In this game, you should type the words you see just beneath the game canvas.

You should type the words in the info box given underneath the game canvas.

When you wrap up a line, you will see the following line.

Continue composing and keep your rivals behind you.

To choose/change the difficulty level, type/press 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard when you see the game over screen.

You should type quickly to win in the Type Racer game. Be that as it may, each misstep will intensely decrease the opportunity of dominating current match.

In this way, attempt your best to abstain from committing errors.

How Many Words You Need to Win at Each Level?

On the simple level, you should score at least 26 words for each moment to win.

At the medium level, you need at least 46 words for every moment to win.

Yet, at the hard level, you need at least 81 words per minute to win.

Virtual Gold Medals: If you score in excess of 80 words for each minute, you will get three virtual gold awards which are the most elevated position in this game.

On the off chance that you are winning three virtual gold awards inevitably, you doubtlessly have proficient composing aptitude which is an ideal ability for some individuals.

Be that as it may, you get two virtual gold awards if score somewhere in the range of 61 and 80. At last, you get just a single gold award for scoring somewhere in the range of 46 and 60.

The award-winning web typing game TypeRacer, permits individuals to race each-other by typing quotes from books, films, and tunes. It is the first multiplayer composing game on the internet.

Since propelling in March 2008, many individuals from everywhere throughout the globe have finished countless races on, improving their composing speed by as much as 50 words-per-minute.

TypeRacer is accessible in 50 different languages.

TypeRacer School Edition, propelled in 2010, plans to be the best time instructive item on the planet.

Intended for K-12 schools, it uses the TypeRacer game idea which transforms composing into a game and makes learning fun.


TypeRacer ascertains your wpm as words entered partitioned by all out time slipped by, which implies that having my bot type the words gradually more than 10 seconds is equivalent to having it enter all the words in a split second in the wake of holding up 10 seconds.

This was a truly fun approach to relax and even learn something new.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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