TryShift Review: Everything You Must Know about Shift

Tryshift Review

TryShift or Shift was created to help users manage multiple workflows easily. Experts often describe this application as a comprehensive workstation for productive people.

To be more precise, Shift is a desktop application (there’s also a mobile version) designed for streamlining all your workflows, accounts, and apps.

Lets us dive to know further about

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TryShift Features

Below are the most prominent features of the app:

  • Unified Inbox: Helps to consolidate more than one email accounts in a single viewable platform.
  • Filters: Enables filtering of emails according to date opened, name of sender, date received etc.
  • Reminders: Gives reminders for sending or replying to emails.
  • SSO or Single Sign-On: Allows signing in using SSO or single sign-on application.
  • Notifications: Sends notifications whenever a new email enters the inbox.
  • Password Saver: It saves login information such as your passwords and usernames for all external applications.
  • Contacts: Comes with a built-in contact book.
  • Calendar: Comes with a built-in calendar.
  • Task-Management: Comes with a built-in feature for task creation and assigning.
  • Split screen: Displays multiple applications simultaneously on the app’s unified workspace through split screen.
  • Email client: The app would work as email client.
  • Activity Feed: Offers a cross app activity feed.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Generates reports after analyzing productivity and/or security data.
  • Virtual Assistant: Guides people and recommends various routine actions.
  • Desktop application: The software has a downloadable desktop version.
  • Custom Workflows: Allows users to create custom workflow for facilitating various processes.
  • Custom Application Integration: Enables people to connect in-house or custom applications.
  • Multiple Workspaces: Users are allowed to develop multiple workspaces to manage different teams and projects.

How to Use Shift: The Installation Procedure Explained

To begin with, we would like to say that Shift doesn’t actually require an installation. Once downloaded, you will only need to run the application from its own folder.

There are three versions of the app, one free and two paid versions. In this write-up we would be educating you about use of the Basic client (the one that comes for free) on Elementary OS.

The information we provide would be good enough for using all versions of Shift on various other platforms.

Here are the steps you should follow:


Step #1

Visit the application’s pricing page, and click on the “Download Now”. Enter an email address of yours,  click on the Download.

Soon, you will get a downloadable popup file. Wait for the download until it gets complete.

First Login to Shift
First Login to Shift


Step #2

Double click the downloaded file to begin

Download Shift for Windows
Download Shift for Windows


Step #3

Once the install has completed Shift will launch automatically and you will have to add any of your accounts to it.


Step #4

Once Shift is properly installed in your system As Figure no. 1 shows, click on Outlook, Gmail or Inbox mailbox and enter necessary data related to your account.

Add Your First Tryshift Account
Add Your First Tryshift Account


Step #5

Once you select your preferred option, you will need to enter your email id and password. Individuals who have opted for the 2-step authentication process (this should be the way to go for everyone) will need to enter the code they will receive on their respective mobile phones.

After completing the authentication process, you will have to give Shift approval for viewing your public profile, emails, addresses, and all other standard stuff. For that, you will have to click on Allow.


Step #6

Completion of the above step would allow you to Shift between Gmail/Inbox, Drive, or Calendar (as shown in Figure no. 2).

Figure no. 2

Now, you are ready to use all other features of Shift depending on the package picked by you.

As a user of the basic package, you will be allowed to add one more account. You will also get to configure tray options, accounts, appearance, and functionality of the application and enable proxy server when required. Check Figure no. 3 to know more.

Figure no. 3

TryShift Pricing

As mentioned above, Shift is available in three different packages. They are as follows:

Tryshift Prices
Tryshift Prices

Basic: It comes for free and allows users to add up to two accounts.

Pro: This version of the application would require you to pay $29.99 per year. Opting for Pro would allow you to add unlimited accounts.

Advanced: This package offers all the features of Pro and some extra. Its $99.99 per year.

Final Verdict

Shift application is a boon for individuals who need to use various accounts simultaneously for staying in touch with people and exchanging work mails. Having TryShift on your system would bring an end to the misery associated with switching between accounts and logging in and out of your account time and again.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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