How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Os (4 Ways)


Image transfer apps make it easier to copy pictures from an Android communication device to Mac OS. Once you have launched the app, you need to follow some steps for file transfer. So, here’s a walk through while plan to transfer images from the Android device to Mac OS.

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How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Os – 4 Methods that Work Best

How to Import Photos from Android to Mac Using Image Capture?

Image Capture is preferred by many individuals. Apart from being efficient, it helps you to transfer photos quickly once a connection is established. So, here are some steps you need to follow.

Step 1: With the help of a USB cable, connect the Android communication device to Mac.

Step 2: Launch ‘Image Capture’ which is present in /Applications/folder.

Step 3: Navigate to the left hand side, and select the Android smartphone listed under ‘Devices’.

Step 4: Select the destination folder where the images need to be copied.

Step 5: To transfer all images, select ‘Import All’. But, if you choose to transfer some pictures, then select them accordingly and click ‘Import’.

How to Transfer Images from Android to Mac Using Android File Transfer?

If due to some reasons, Image Capture fails to recognize the Android smartphone, then the Android File Transfer should be used. The file management app works only on devices running on Android 3.0 or later.

Step 1:  Download the app from the URL: and install it on the Mac OS by placing the executable file in /Applications/folder.

Step 2: Establish a connection between Android and Mac using a USB cable.

Step 3: Open Android File Transfer and wait till the app identifies the communication device.

Step 4: Open ‘DCIM’ and ‘Pictures’ folder and select the images you desire to copy.

Step 5: Simply, drag and drop the files from the Android to Mac.

NOTE: At any point of time, you can get a fair idea of the number of images copied. This is depicted by the progress bar.

How to Transfer Pictures from Android to Mac using Preview App?

The Preview App is nothing but a standard app for Mac OS X that not only allows you to view images but also copy pictures from HD cameras, tablets and smartphones.

Step 1: After connecting the Android communication device, launch ‘Preview’.

Step 2: Under the ‘File’ menu, towards the bottom, choose ‘Import from <device name>’.

Step 3: Once the images are selected, click ‘Import’.

How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Wirelessly?

Transferring images without establishing a wired connection is very much easy. Basically, there are two ways of performing the task.

  • Using Dropbox
  • Using AirMore

Steps for Transferring Snaps using Dropbox

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘’ and click ‘Sign Up’ if you are new user.

Step 2: After creating an account, go the Google Play Store and download the app before keying in the login details.

Step 3: Tap the three dots located towards the topmost right hand side corner followed by the ‘Upload here’ option.

Step 4: Access Dropbox on Mac OS X, and click ‘Photos or videos’ to select the desired images.

Transfer Photos from Android to Mac using Dropbox

Transfer Photos from Android to Mac using Dropbox 1

Step 5: Click ‘Download’ link and select the save location for storing the photos.

Step for Transferring Snaps using AirMore

With excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, AirMore helps to transfer pictures from Android wirelessly.

Step 1: Install ‘AirMore’ on the communication device by downloading the files from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Visit either through Firefox, Chrome or Safari.


Step 3: Run the application on the device. Later, scan the QR code with the help of ‘Scan to Connect’ option.

Step 4: Once you view the main interface, select ‘Pictures’ icon to see images stored in the Android device.

Web Airmore

Step 5: Finally, select the desired photos and click ‘Export’ to copy the collection on Mac.

Export Photo Files from Android to Mac

If you don’t have a USB cord within your reach, then you would use any of the wireless options. The Android File Transfer works at its level best only when small files need to be transferred from one system to the other.

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