How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone Without Jailbreak (2 Ways)

How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

How to find WiFi password on iPhone? This is one question a large number of iPhone users around the globe want to be answered. That’s why we have prepared this guide to aid people used to forgot wifi password on iphone.

It’s very common to forget your WiFi passwords. This happens mainly because most of us keep them saved on our tablets and smartphones and never try to remember them. The complex nature of these passwords also make remembering them difficult.

The majority of the modern day devices including iPhones save their users’ WiFi passwords to make connecting to network hassle free once the devices are in range. Problems start arising when we try to get a new device connected to the WiFi network. That’s the time we need to recall the password but often we can’t.

The first thing you should do in such a situation is checking whether you have noted down the password somewhere. However, the bad news is that most of us don’t have the habit of saving or writing down secret codes anywhere.

The good news, on the other hand, is that your current device can assist you find your password.

The moment you connect an iPhone to a nearby WiFi network, it would save the network’s password.

There are a number of ways of seeing that saved password. The section below would help you understand how to find WiFi password on iPhone without jailbreak.

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How to See WiFi Password on iPhone Using the Router’s IP?

It’s not easy to see the saved passwords on an iOS device as the mobile operating system doesn’t allow users to see their passwords by default. The simplest way of overcoming this hurdle is by finding your router’s IP from the iPhone and using that IP for unearthing the WiFi password.

Remember for using this method fruitfully you must stay connected to the network whose password you are looking for.

You might find the method a bit technical (more so if you are technologically challenged) but actually it’s not. It will require you to complete these simple steps:

Step 1

Find the Settings app on your iPhone’s main screen and open it.

Step 2

Press on WiFi on the screen that follows.

Step 3

Next, press the icon adjacent to the Wi-Fi icon. A page with detailed information about your network will open.

Step 4

Scroll down to find the DHCP tab (if you can’t see it as soon as the page appears on your screen) and tap on it.

Step 5

Beside the option titled Router, you will find an IP. Note the IP down; you will need it later.

Step 6

Open Safari, type the IP address you just noted down and press the enter button.

Step 7

Now, get into the router settings page by entering your login information (username & password) in the given fields. Both your password and username should be “admin” unless you have made any changes.

Step 8

You will find an option titled “Wireless Settings” once you login successfully. Tap on that option. Here, you must note that the title of the option might differ from one router to another; however, it would definitely be something very similar. You shouldn’t have a tough time finding it.

Step 9

Tap on Wireless Security to open a new page. There, you will see an entry called Security Key. Tapping on that entry would expose the Wi-Fi password you were looking for.

Step 10

You will have to enter that password manually for connecting other devices to the network.

How to Find Out Saved WiFi Password on iPhone Using iCloud Keychain?

While the method described above would help you to view WiFi passwords saved in iPhone, it comes with certain limitations. It will come in handy only when it comes to revealing the password of the WiFi network you are presently connected to. You will not be able to use it for getting passwords of networks you got connected to on other occasions.

Read on to know how to find out WiFi password on iPhone when you are not connected to that particular network.

iCloud Keychain stores all the passwords you want to share with other devices you have. These also include WiFi passwords. You will be able to access the keychain on your Mac and know the passwords you require.

Steps for Syncing WiFi Passwords for your iPhone using iCloud Keychain

You will be able to view WiFi passwords saved on your iPhone on your Mac only after you sync them using iCloud Keychain.

Here are the steps you will have to follow:

Step 1

Open the iPhone’s Settings app. You will find a banner with your name at your screen’s top. Tap on that banner and select the option iCloud.

Step 2

A new page will appear with several options listed on it. Tap on the option Keychain. This will provide you with access to iCloud Keychain’s settings.

Step 3

Move the slider to switch on the iCloud Keychain and begin syncing all your passwords. The device will take a few seconds to complete the job.

How to Access iPhone Wifi Password on a Mac?

Once the iPhone finishes syncing the saved passwords, you will have to open your Mac. Find out how to find saved Wi-Fi password on iPhone with the help of your Mac:

Step 1

Open your Mac and click the Apple logo (you will find it on your screen’s upper left corner). Select the option System Preferences. Click the option iCloud once the new screen opens.

Step 2

This will lead to a page with a number of options that can be disabled and enabled. Move the slider to take the option keychain to its ON position.

Step 3

Click on the Launchpad and look for the application Keychain Access. Click the app the moment the search result appears.

Step 4

Once the app opens, type in the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to use on the search bar and press Enter.

Step 5

A list would appear; open the network you are looking to use.

Step 6

Now, checkmark the option Show Password.

Step 7

Next, you will have to enter the Keychain password and press OK. This will reveal the saved password of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect the new device to.

Step 8

Copy the password and paste it on the given field of the device you are looking to connect. You can also type the password manually.

The two methods should explain how to see WiFi password on iPhone to you. You will need just a few minutes to discover saved WiFi passwords on your iPhone using these methods.

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