How to Activate Youtube Com on TV (Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Firestick)

Youtube Com Activate

How it would be if you can watch YouTube videos on your Smart TV instead of small screens of your mobile?

Isn’t it great idea?

Of course, it is!

This guide will help you to learn how to use to watch YouTube videos on TV.

Let’s step into more details…

There are few things on the Internet that can beat the popularity of YouTube. You will rarely come across someone who is not a fan of this video sharing platform owned by Google. The videos uploaded on this platform covers everything starting from entertainment to action, education to lifestyle, and so on.

Here, it must be mentioned that most of us get to watch YouTube videos either on our smartphones and tablets or on our PCs and laptops.

The screens of those devices might fail to do justice to the extravagance of some videos.

Such videos appear much more exciting when viewed on 34 or 42-inch-wide LED TVs.

Even when it comes to watching regular videos, the experience offered by a gigantic television set is definitely better than what a laptop, computer or mobile offers.

The good news is that all top television manufacturers have launched feature-filled Smart TVs. These units would allow you to connect your YouTube account to your television and view your much-awaited videos on it.

What would leave you even happier is that you can turn view those videos even on a regular TV screen using devices such as Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV etc.

However, you must remember that each of the aforementioned devices would require you to sign into your YouTube account and activate it for allowing you to watch your favourite YouTube videos on the linked TV set.

You will not need to put in much effort to use for TV. However, as there are quite few devices that can be used for this purpose, the process of activating YouTube on television varies.

The section below would teach you how to activate YouTube on your TV using different devices.

How to Activate YouTube Using Roku?

You will need just a few minutes to activate YouTube (Google video sharing platform) on Roku. Once the process of TV YouTube com activate Roku is completed successfully, you will be able to watch all your favorite videos on your personal television set.

Here are the steps you will have to follow for establishing the connection using Roku and enjoy YouTube on TV –

Step 1

Get connected to your Wi-Fi and connect the Roku to your television set.

Step 2

Sign into your account on Roku.

Step 3

You will need to be on the home screen for completing the following steps. If you are not already there, find the Home button on the remote and press it.

Step 4

You will see an option Channel Store, select it and press your remote’s Ok button.

Step 5

Go to the option Top free, choose YouTube, and again press Ok.

Step 6

An option Add Channel would appear; select it and tap your remote’s Ok button.

Step 7

You will need to wait for some time for YouTube to get added to the list of channels on your TV. To see whether the job is done perfectly, tap on the Home button and enter the My Channels segment. The list should have YouTube as an option.

Step 8

Open YouTube. You will find a gear icon on the channel’s left. Select it and choose Sign in. If asked, enter your YouTube/Google log in details (username and password).

Step 9

Roku will provide you with an eight digit YouTube activate code. Jot down the code (you can also keep the screen open and check it later).

Step 10

Now, shift to your phone/PC/laptop and open the page com/activate.

Step 11

Sign in by entering your Google account info and then enter the eight-digit code you received from Roku.

Step 12

Click on Allow access once the option appears on your screen.

Your YouTube account is now activated on the Roku device. This means, you will be able to watch all YouTube videos on your TV.

How to Watch YouTube on Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Firestick?

Fire TV provides its users the opportunity of watching YouTube videos and controlling the app using Alexa.

Here also you will need to begin by activating YouTube.

Follow the steps below to enjoy YouTube on Fire TV –

Step 1

Individuals who are yet to install the YouTube app will have to use the search function of Fire TV for finding and downloading it.

Step 2

Open the YouTube app and click on the Sign in button (you will find it on the left of your screen).

Step 3

Your screen will have the YouTube com activate amazon fire TV code.

Step 4

Visit the page, sign into your Google account and enter the authorization code shown on your screen.

Step 5

Now, click on Next, pick your YouTube account, and finally click on Allow for.

That’s it, you will now be able to watch all YouTube videos on your Amazon Fire TV.

How to on Xbox One?

Here also, you will first need to obtain the YouTube com activate code TV. Begin by opening the YouTube app and follow the steps below –

Step 1

Open the YouTube app and select the option Sign in and Settings.

Step 2

Select the option Sign in;

Step 3

Press X. You will get your YouTube com activate Xbox one code. Note down the code (you can also keep the screen open for referring to it later).

Step 4

On your phone/laptop/computer, open the page com/activate.

Step 5

Sign into your YouTube account by entering your login details.

Step 6

Enter the YouTube activate Xbox One code you received from the app and proceed.

Step 7

Finally, click on the Allow access button.

The above steps will ensure that you have successfully activated YouTube on Xbox One.

To conclude, we would like to state that the steps would be more or less same for most other devices that will allow you to watch YouTube videos on TV.

However, there will definitely be some differences, which are not very difficult to comprehend.

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