World’s Best 10 Smartpens

Now it’s time to forget about the cross pens or a writing instrument. Nowadays, the attention is drawn towards luxury pens that have emerged in the market since many years. So, if you want to scan information into a particular digital format, then you must go through the list of smartpens compiled below.

World’s Best Smartpens

Livescribe 3

The user experience with Livescribe 3 is certainly better. It’s for this reason it’s on the top of the smartpen’s list. While you move to write notes, the smart pen can be synced to a smartphone running on iOS or Android. Once you jot down everything, the pen transcribes the information in a better way. Later, as you swipe with your fingertip, the handwriting would be converted into text which is later added to a document or could be sent as a text message. Apart from the usual role, the pen also transcribes sketches and helps you record voice memos. Moreover, you can sync the string of words to the audio all by yourself.

Though the pen is widely used, you should be careful in selecting the paper. The pen doesn’t work on a tissue paper or scraps. You might have to spend more as you need to maintain a stock of paper.

Livescribe 3

Neo N2 Smartpen

Just like Livescribe 3, the Neo N2 Smartpen is nothing but an ink pen which helps you write on specific bond paper. The major advantage of using this pen is that it can remember the notes and then transcribe it at a later instance. Regardless of what you write or draw, you can save data in PDF, SVG, JPEG format or in a text file.

While you are writing, you should apply pressure consistently. But, people who have a flair for drawing shouldn’t use the pen because the light strokes don’t get registered. Apart from communication devices, the pen can also be synced with Evernote. You can use the audio recording feature, but it’s not that simple as it’s with Livescribe 3.

Equil Smartpen 2

This smartpen has gained popularity because it instills a better feeling. The best part is that you can use regular paper and a clip-on receiver in case you wish to record the writing or sketching. In case you are an artist, then you would marvel at the sensitivity. Soon after the strokes are recognized, the sentences are converted into editable text. You can also think about real time transcription as the pen uses standard cartridges and syncs easily with Evernote and DropBox.

Equil Smartpen 2

Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen

Among the stylus-based tablets, Wacom has always earned a reputation. Synonymous to Equil Smartpen 2, the sketch pen works on normal paper and comes with a clip-on receiver. However, the Inkling is designed for artists and it doesn’t recognize handwriting. A wireless connection could not be established with the pen. You need a USB cable to stream and transfer sketches into the system. Once the sketches are stored on the computer, you can save them as high resolution bitmap files and open them into image editing tools like Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro or Illustrator.

Moleskin Smart Writing Set

While Moleskin designs notebooks and sketchbooks, the company has also come up with a writing set. Once you make a purchase, you get a smartpen, a tablet, an ink tip refill and a USB cable for charging the device. Apart from digitizing notes, the set features an embedded camera that help you record to record every stroke. As of now, the app is available for iPhones, but when it comes to using an Android smartphone, the user has to install the Neo Notes app. As it facilitates uploading of data, the drawings can be shared over iCloud or on Google and Evernote.


With the Phree smartpen, you can literally write on any kind of surface. The recording is taken care of with the help of a technology known as the 3D laser interferometer. However, if there no ink present in the smartpen, then you can get the copies of whatever you plan to write or sketch. Besides everything, Phree serves as a phone headset which can be synced with a device. As you talk into the pen, the speech would be converted into text on a small screen. You never feel the stress on your hand since the pen is light in weight and sleek with respect to the design. Depending on the usage, the battery can last up to seven days.

HP Pro Slate 12

If you can splurge on a digital pen, then you should go for the HP Pro Slate 12. The device is supported by a dual pen that functions as a smartpen and a stylus. As you comfortably write on ordinary paper, the Slate would digitize the information and note it down on the tablet. As for the cons, the smartpen can be an expensive option and may not be the fastest and smoothest pen in the market. On the whole, the entire set can be used for digitizing notes automatically.

HP Pro Slate 12

Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

Featuring an amazing audio recording technology, the Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen works more than just being a tool for jotting down notes. It can be used for finding meanings of words, record a voice memo with the microphone, and like a calculator. Depending on the storage capacity, the smartpen is available at different prices. In case you opt for the 8GB model, then you can use Evernote with a premium subscription.

E-Pens Mobile Notes Pro 2

If you have been seeking a classy pen set, then the Pro 2 digital pen should be the first choice. As you start using the pen, you can perceive results even when you are writing on ordinary paper. Additionally, you can transfer documents once you establish a connection via. Bluetooth. You need a smartphone or a tablet only when the storage space gets packed with 100 pages. But, the pen is not suitable for left-handed people because then the built-in receiver fails to scan the pages.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

There’s always something special with this digital pen. As you start writing, the strokes and the curves are recognized through a camera near the tip. Since the digital copy resembles the original copy, the individual can also use it for creating one of the kind sketches. With Echo, you can record the surrounding noise and jot down notes at the same time. If you are bored in using the translator, then you can transform the ambiance with an app that lets you play the piano.

Hope you share the article with your co-workers or teammates. Make sure to select a pen that’s based on the recent technology and works on paper you normally write on. Depending on your preferences, you can select a pen that boasts several capabilities.

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