15 Working from Home Tips During COVID-19 Health Emergency

Working from Home

Currently, the worse effects of COVID-19 become the biggest danger to the existence of humankind. It has infected millions of people all around the world and causing thousands of deaths.

It has shaken many powerful countries like United States of America, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Iran from social and economic perspective.

This so called Corona Virus has forced people to live inside their homes and thus many businesses start working from home.

Yes, this is the only option to sustain your job in this survival situation. Here we have discussed some important points that may help you to stay positive and boost your productivity among all these stressful situation.

Besides it,

Haven’t you always dreamt of getting your perfect job with the privilege to work from home, but is working from home that easy to manage? Is it always rewarding to work inside your comfort level?

Well, if you are currently working from home, but still feeling stressed about things like management, creativity, workload, no proper communication then read on!

Honestly Work from home can be great, but is it for your personal growth? Sometimes you get stuck inside a box as working in your comfort level makes you restricted to certain things and thus this can affect your work.

Here I will be sharing some tips for you to make your work from home experience not only better but great for you job, creativity and mental health. I will also be sharing about how to manage work and personal life as the privilege of working from home can mix the two.

Proven Tips for Employees Working from Home

Working from Home Tips for Employees
Working from Home Tips for Employees

1) Be Regular & Maintain Certain Hours

Having the clear view of what you are doing is very important, and it can only come if you are regular. Maintain a proper time of working and don’t change it regularly. You know the best and suitable number of hours your work needs so don’t compromise on that.

Don’t even work extra just know the importance of finishing your task of the day and you will be good to go.

2) Be a Morning Person and Set your Routine

Set yourself timely routine in the morning so that you don’t get late to start your work on time. Know what you have to exactly do, be it by making yourself a cup of tea or coffee first, get fresh and start your work.

Don’t get lazy and think about having the whole day ahead of you and delay the task, better start early and wrap up just on time. In short create a morning routine that will end up with you working on time.

3) Set Rules for People you are Living with at Home

Be it your friends, family members or wife/husband or children, you should know when you are free for chit chat etc. Always having someone around you while you are busy working can be diverting. It can not only affect the work but also gives a blockage as you cannot totally concentrate on one single thing.

So, better to have rules while you are working that other people are also aware of.

4) Schedule Breaks

Know your company’s policies about breaks and schedule it accordingly. Generally, companies have 2-3 break including lunch break so manage it that way.

If you are self-employed then set your breaks properly as taking breaks very frequently can disrupt your schedule and hamper your work.

5) Don’t Cut Short on your Break

Even if you are working from home in your comfort zone still cutting short your break is not good. Make the use of your time management and use your break totally.

You can even set reminders about your break in your PC or phone so that you know when it is time to relax and have a great cup of coffee.

6) Leave Home

Make the best use of your break and leave your home to get some fresh air. Manage this option in your long break and go out to eat something and freshen up your mind.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat out every day but having some fresh air is very important for the mind as it helps you to do better enhancement at work.

7) Don’t Falter to Ask for Things that you Need

If your office supports the work from home method, then ask them what you need. Don’t hesitate to request for all the equipment that you require for working from home.

It’s extremely important to set standards early that you will ask for what you need to get your job done easily, including the right monitor, keyboard, mouse, software, and so forth.

8) Keep a Devoted Office Space

Even if you are working at home, keeping a dedicated workspace is very important. Wandering around from this room to other will not go in the long run, so it is very helpful to have a workspace. Setting up your working table and chair with your desktop or laptop will help you be dedicated and with less hassle.

9) Maintain a Separate Phone Number for Work

Working home can sometimes mix up your personal and professional life, so the best way is to keep things arranged properly since the beginning.

Having a separate phone number for work calls and private calls can make a big difference. This will also help you to keep your private space away from work.

10) Socialize with Colleagues

Most working from home means being distant from colleagues working at office, as there is less conversation and that can lead to loneliness and a feeling of isolation. So, my advice to you is don’t disconnect, have that constant contact with your colleagues.

Call them to know what’s going on at office and gather any important changes or news on regular basis.

11) Attend Meeting and Important Discussions

Well if you know that there is an important meeting that is going to take place, just show up for it. Don’t disconnect yourself and don’t loose your comfort of going to the office.

Take part in office activities and show a sense of comfort to others as well that you to belong here.

12) Look for Training Opportunities

At times you might thing you are missing out on things as you are not in office, and you might miss out on training and skills development courses that are taught in person but it is your responsibility to not miss any opportunity.

So, don’t be lazy if you’re at home and never stop learning and pushing yourself from comfort zone. Also, if you get enough advance notice of upcoming training that’s on site, it might be a good time to request a trip to headquarters.

13) Be Positive

Working at home for many days can take bring some negative thoughts so being positive at all situation is necessary. Many of the times you are just communicating through email or message with your boss or colleague and you don’t know what a message is exactly and might take a negative thought about it.

It is always better to ask again or call as you might not know what the other person meant exactly.

14) Don’t be too Hard on Yourself

Many times we face the burden of our reputation for being extremely disciplined and for that reason you tend to be hard on yourself. Such situations can lead to extreme stress, but here comes your mind control.

Being positive at time and relaxing rather than stressing too much is a good option. Focus on the important things rather than going hard on yourself for not being up to the mark.

15) End your Day with a Routine

Just as you made a morning routine in the beginning, do something to end your day good as well. Create a habit and relief yourself at evening and night time.

Try focusing on yourself after work ends and do things that can make your life healthy like yoga which is great for the mental health as well. Having a grip of yourself is the main key.


Work from home comes with different challenges but keeping up with it is also not as difficult. Knowing the importance of your work is very vital and not loosing the pace is the key. Hope these tips will help you enhance your work from home experience and help you to bring out the best of yourself even after sitting at home during this Corona medical emergency.

Work from Home, Stay at Home, and Stay Safe!


Written by Nyk Patel

Nyk Patel is the editor-in-chief at He always curious to know about latest technology trends that helps people to make their daily life easy and he also loves to review different software, gadgets, and other tech products.