WordPress Vs. Blogger – Which is The Best for Website

wordpress vs blogger

When you have to make a choice between WordPress and Blogger, then you would actually favor WordPress. This is because the open source CMS (Content Management System) offers you WPBeginner that’s one of the largest resource sites.

So, to help you make up your mind, we have compared WordPress vs Blogger along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Blogger vs WordPress


Google is the company that offers Blogger. Even though it’s free and it allows you publish content online, you aren’t its owner. Google has the right to manage and shut down the services. At any point of time, it can also pose restrictions from accessing the domain. On the other hand, you use hosting services to use a WordPress site. As you share information online and with third parties, you own the information and gain control of the website.


As compared to WordPress, Blogger offers you limited functions. It only allows you to perform certain tasks on the web page. There’s no way to enhance the usability to meet your requirements. But, the case is different with WordPress. Since it is an open source platform, you can easily add features. Moreover, you can modify the features with the help of plugins which can be found from the admin panel. Besides, if you’re an expert, then you can play around with the layout by modifying the theme.


It’s would be a complicated task when you wish to move the site from Blogger to a new platform. You would have to face a big risk when SEO efforts are lost along with subscribers and followers. Though Blogger permits you to export content, data would still be stored on Google’s server.

With WordPress, you can move the site to any location. As you shift to a new content management system, you can move on with a new host and very well change the domain name. WordPress is far better than Blogger since users can boost search engine ranking through SEO techniques.


Since Blogger is managed by Google, it’s far and above a secure platform. You can always stay carefree when security is the concern. But, WordPress is not as secure as Blogger. Since the hosting is managed by the user, you would be responsible to enhance security and take backups. Soon after website development, you need to install WordPress Plugins that can be fetched from the dashboard.


Blogger provides you a limited set of templates to enhance the site’s visual appeal. While you can change the color and layout with a suite of tools, you can create your own theme. But, on WordPress, there are over thousands of free as well as premium themes. This simplifies the task of creating the best website ever imagined. Plugins also help you to change the appearance of a landing page. From the image below, you can actually observe a number of themes online.

wordpress themes


Blogger never lends support as much as you need. When you are stuck with an issue, you either have to refer to the documentation or the user’s forum.


Instead of observing updates with Blogger, Google has stopped offering services like Adsense for feeds, Google Reader, and FeedBurner. This means that the future in the hands of Google.

When WordPress is considered, the future is not dependent on individuals or enterprises. It’s the other way round because entrepreneurs have made it the most popular content management system.

WordPress is much active through a community support system. Apart from online documentation, you can avail help from community forums and IRC chat rooms. If you are ready for premium support, then you can always get in touch with many companies as well.

Final Verdict

WordPress seems much better in compare to blogger in terms of ease of use and management of content.

Hardip Koradia

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