Windows 10 Leaks – Microsoft suggests workstation in the works


Its almost twenty years since Microsoft used the Workstation branding in 4.0 Windows workstation edition, but it seems that the company is on the track to bring it back. The references to the new edition have discovered by Twitter users and Microsoft announced it to the testers last week. It is named as “Windows 10 Pro for advanced PCs, ” the new version will guide for notable hardware demands.

In the rumoured slide, Microsoft explains the edition as “Windows 10 Pro for Workstation with 4 mail powers”.

Workstation mode

Microsoft plans to rearrange the OS by recognizing “typical compute and graphics intensive workloads: to offer high end performance and reliability when the workstation mode is permitted.

Resilient file system

The File system is beneficiary to NTFS, dubbed ReFS ares enabled, with fault – tolerance support, large data volume optimizing and auto – correcting is also included.

Faster file handling

As Workstation machines are mostly used only for thes huge amount of data across networks, Microsoft is also including the SMBDirect Protocol for sharing files and high throughput, low CPU utilization, low latency when using the network shares.

Expanded hardware support

The company is also thinking to enable Windows 10 Pro for Workstation on machines with up to four CPUs and a 6TB limit memory. This Pro version is supporting currently only 2 CPUs.

Microsoft is clearly aiming this new Windows 10 edition to charge up users who are processing large amounts of data every day. This will frequently be used by enterprises and software giants.


Written by Hardip Koradia

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