Kingrow K1 Phone With The Presence Of E-Ink Screen Arrives On Indiegogo, But You Should Not Buy One

Kingrow K1 Phone with E-Ink Screen Arrives On Indiegogo

Last month, bankruptcy was declared by phone manufacturer Yota Devices and so, it began shutting down. The company was also very well known for its Yota Phone which is a phone with the presence of an e-ink display on the back for the on-the-go reading. The ‘Kingrow K1’ might be the perfect answer in case you are still longing for a phone which has the presence of a paper display.

A few days ago, the crowdfunding site Indiegogo was launched by the K1 and also as of the time of writing, it has now earned near about $60,000. It is considered to be a fairly typical low-end phone which helps to save for the e-ink screen on the front. The most important specification generally includes a MediaTek 6763 processor, 2GB of RAM, Android 8.1, 16 GB of internal storage and also support for the microSD and dual SIM. The price of IGG Special is about $299 and the final pricing will be around $349. Also, the shipping is expected to begin in August of this year.

Kingrow K1 Phone

You should also be clear on not backing this. So, I was not able to find any of the public related information about the ‘Kingrow Electronic Technology’ and the $5,000 flexible funding goal is considered to be fishy. In the United States, it also lacks support for the common LTE brands even if the particular device does become a real product. Android 8.1 is considered to get a little old and the specifications are not that great.

This will again contribute to discouraging other manufacturers who are involved in producing phones with the e-ink displays. Such a kind of phone would probably be too hard of a sell with the tech industry’s growing focus on health. This applies until the buyer tries to watch a YouTube video, anyway.

Source: Indiegogo

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