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Best Ways to Handle “There Is A Problem Parsing The Package” Error for Android and Windows


When you are working on the system or playing around with your smartphone, you might encounter the message, ‘There was problem parsing the package’ at some point of time. Don’t grow annoyed because we have ways to overcome such a kind of error. These are easy to understand and implement practically.

Ways to Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error for Android OS

Security Settings

For security reasons, the handset may not allow the user to download an app from third-party service providers. This is not the case with mobile apps from the Google Play Store. In case a message pops up, then you shouldn’t download the app. But, if you really wish to, then follow the steps below.

#Step 1: Navigate to ‘Settings’

#Step 2: Scroll down with your fingertip to select ‘Security’ among the options.

#Step 3: Enable the option ‘Unknown sources’ by checking on the check box.

Security Settings

Enable USB Debugging

Many a times, enabling USB debugging works when you see the parse error.

Follow the steps to get the task done.

#Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down till you reach the ‘About Device’ section.

#Step 2: Once you’re into the section, tap the ‘build number’ option seven times.

#Step 3: Return back to ‘Settings’ once the system confirms that ‘You are the developer’.

#Step 4: Under ‘Developer Options’, check ‘USB Debugging’.

Delete Cache Cookies of the Play Store

Delete Cache Cookies

In order to clear cookies, you should open the Play Store, select ‘Settings’ from the sidebar and finally ‘Clear Local search history’.

Reset the Mobile Phone

Finally, if none of the tips work, then resetting the handset could be the last option. Before go about this task, ensure that you have taken the backup of data onto the SD card.

#Step 1: Firstly, switch off your mobile phone.

#Step 2: Hold the Power, Volume Up and Home Button simultaneously.

#Step 3: With the help of the volume buttons, scroll down till you reach ‘Wipe Data/ Factory Reset’.

Factory Reset

#Step 4: For selecting the option, press the ‘POWER’ button.

#Step 5: Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the reset.

How to Fix the “Parse Error” for Windows?

There might be situations in which you might face errors post the installation of an app (for example Impulse.exe). The errors could be something like these.

  • Error Parsing

RegASM.exe Configuration Parser error


Parser returned error 0xC00CE556

  • Error Parsing

Impulse.exe Configuration Parser error


Parser returned error 0xC00CE556

In such cases, follow the steps mentioned below.

#Step 1: Navigate to ‘%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG\’ and backup the ‘machine.config’ file.

#Step 2: Copy the existing file to a new location and rename it back as it was before. This is because after pasting, the name changes to ‘machine.config (copy).default’.

#Step 3: Restart the operating system and you would observe that the program works fine.

To conclude, we would just like to say that app incompatibility too can be the cause of Parse error. Try installing the application on an OS with higher configuration. Apart from the aforementioned solutions related to there is a problem parsing the package error, if you have anything else on your mind, then feel free to share it with us.

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