Best Voice Translator Apps For Androids And Iphones

Voice Translator Apps

Voice translators can turn out to be helpful when you need to jot down notes on your cell phone. So, if you are confused on which one you should look for, then scroll ahead and go through the list.

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Voice Translator Apps for Android OS

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is nothing but a translation application that translates text in more than 60 different languages.

You can always enhance the experience when you are taking a snap or a screenshot. With the help of the multi-person conversation translation, you can stay connected over devices and have a personal conversation with more than hundred individuals.

The pronunciation guide would help you in improving the phonetics and learn important phrases. You can also look up for different meanings words which can help you express in a much better way.

Translate Voice

Nothing is as awesome as translate voice. Once you start using the app, you can translate the conversation in one of the universally known languages.

Apart from correcting spellings, you can share the text directly on social networking sites, and other applications you have already installed. In case you think that you have entered a strange word, then the suggestions would always be helpful.

Speak to Voice Translator

With translators by Google, Yandex, Microsoft, and Baidu, the Speak to Voice Translator does a great job and is sure to impress you.

While the text can be translated in more than 100 languages, the app never fails to convert the voice instantaneously.

To get whatever you want on the touchscreen, you need to select the languages listed under the ‘Translate from’ tab and the ‘Translate to’ tab.

Translate All Languages

If you need something extra apart from Google Translate, then you could probably use ‘Translate all languages’. As you translate words and phrases with great accuracy, you can save the translation and be in a better position to manage notes.

The words and phrases which you have been using for quite some time also appear when the speech is getting recognized.

Google Translate

As you start typing a sentence, you can always translate between 103 languages. It’s exciting to know that the translation appears soon after you have copied a set of phrases.

In case you are busy with something urgent, then you can draw characters rather than taking help of the keypad. With the help of the camera present at the rear end, you can always click pictures for further translation in 37 languages.

Voice Translator Apps for iPhones

iTranslate Translator

Known to be the best app in the Apple Store, the iTranslate Translator works well under the offline mode and aids to translate text in 16 different languages.

In case you are finding it tough to understand a particular phrase or a word, then you could look for conjugations and search the word in the dictionary offered by the app.

Whenever you are on a long trip, the app recognizes your voice and converts it accordingly without letting you pay for the roaming charges.

iTranslate Voice

The iTranslate Voice could just be the perfect travel companion for the voice translation experience you have ever imagined. The Phrasebook comes with 253 defined phrases and is developed for helping you in any sort of a situation. Once you have had a conversation, you can export as well as share the information through the transcripts features.

SayHi Translate

With the ever-increasing list of languages and dialects, SayHi translate lets you have a chat with almost anyone across the globe.

Since the app is easy to use, you can start off with the conversation without any disturbance. You just need to tap the button and start speaking with the person. As the voices are bound to differ in tone and pitch, you can always adjust the speed of talking and move on at your own pace.

In case you plan to play a prank, then you can easily switch between male and female voices.

Mylanguage Free Translator

Presenting you with more advanced features, the Mylanguage free translator could just be a comprehensive free solution for you to stay with the conversation.

If you don’t find the language, then you can quickly get in touch with the technical support team and ask them to add it. With the 360 degrees rotational support, you can always position the iPhone either in the upside down direction or the portrait or landscape mode.

Once you are done with everything you can share the text by sending an email from your end.

SpeakText Lite

Developed by BorG Technology Corporation, the SpeakText Lite helps you to translate text documents in an addition to web pages. While the tool is trying to read the text, you can gain control by tapping the ‘Pause’ option or suddenly skipping a sentence. Once you have chosen the languages, the app translates the text sentence by sentence.


Hope you have found the blog helpful. Don’t hesitate to share the list of apps in case your friends wish to be a bit more productive.


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