Virtualbox Vs Vmware: Which is Best for Desktop Virtualization?

VirtualBox VS Vmware

When you need to run other operating systems on the one you’re using currently, then a virtual machine can create that excitement. But, the toughest part would be to decide on which virtual machine software you should opt for. While you can select from several options, you can use VirtualBox or VMware Workstation player without paying anything. So, to help you make the final choice, we have compared both the workstations.

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VMware’s workstation offers various features for desktop virtualization. But, there’s a slight variation between the ‘Pro’ and the ‘Player’ versions. You won’t be able to create multiple VMs simultaneously and be successful in encrypting virtual machines. Snapshots, guest file sharing, USB 3.0 support, mass deployment, USB smart card reader support, VM sharing, and 3D graphics are some of the features you can avail. Besides, you can easily try integration with the ESXi server and vCloud Air. Additionally, you can connect with same devices and servers in the existing network. You also get an ability to create ‘linked clones’ time and again without exhausting hard drive space.

vmware Workstation running mac os x on a window computer

The VirtualBox package is open-source and offers many unique features. cross-platform compatibility, command line interaction, snapshots, shared folders, special drivers for switching between systems, VM disk image encryption, and virtual USB 2.0/3.0 support are the prime features you can always benefit from. But, the downside is that the workstation offers limited support for 3D graphics. Furthermore, since VirtualBox can’t help you to integrate with ESXi, vSphere or VCloud Air. This aspect keeps you away from the seamless experience. Unlike VMware, the main version of VirtualBox can be installed on any x86 computer. But, on the contrary, you would have to procure different editions if you’re using VMware.

virtual box running window 7 on mac os x computer