Virtual Credit Card: Best Free VCC Providers [2020]

Virtual Credit Card

In this guide, I will let you know the right way of how to get a virtual credit card by showing you 10 reliable and best VCC providers in the market.

A virtual credit card is an assistance that permits online customers to cover their credit card data by utilizing an interestingly produced card number, lapse date and security code as an intermediary.

Virtual credit cards are not an option in contrast to a conventional credit card account. Rather, they are associated with a conventional account as a free add on for improved security.

You can make the same number of virtual card numbers as you need, without influencing your credit score or account standing.

VCC declines the probability of credit card fraud on the grounds that the virtual card data is not as helpful to a fraudster.

Contingent upon your credit card issuer, you’ll be given either a different virtual card number for every trader or virtual card numbers that work for all shippers.

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How to Get a Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual card numbers are joined to existing credit card accounts, so having a credit card is essential. Most significant credit cards like, American Express, Mastercard and Visa have this facility.

Follow below steps to get Virtual credit card –

Step 1

Login to your online credit card account and find ‘account settings’ option. For some issuers there will be a “Virtual Card Numbers” option to select while for other issuers, search for “virtual credit card” and the specific benefit should pop up.

Step 2

Now download the virtual card issuer’s app to access the card number.

For some issuers, a virtual card app can be separate from their online banking app. While for other issuers it might let you access the virtual card number through the existing online banking app or their website.

Step 3

Next accept the 16-digit virtual credit card number that is generated.

For American Express issuers, they will get a separate number for different merchants. While for others they will get a new number for each request.

Step 4

Choose for how long you want the number to be valid. With this you can either choose to have it expire after the first use or hold onto it for several months and use it for regular expenses.

For issuers that have distinct numbers for several merchants, the expiration date may be chosen since it will only be used with that merchant.

Step 5

Get the expiration date and security code created that will go with the virtual card number. After this you can use the virtual card information the same way you would use a normal credit card info when online purchases.

Step 6

While the process of getting a virtual credit card may also differ on the issuer, but if you already have a credit card, generating a virtual one shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Now we will discuss about best VCC providers to get virtual credit card free:

10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers

1) EntroPay VISA Virtual Credit Card

EntroPay will help you get virtual visa card in just seconds as it is one of the best VCC providers.

With EntroPay doing daily online transaction can become really easy.

The first EntroPay virtual card will be created free of cost and there will be no transaction fees.

After using the virtual card number you can delete the used one and generate a new card whenever required.

Another feature of EntroPay is that you can switch to any of their given currencies anytime.

2) Pockets App by ICICI Bank

Pockets App is an app provided by the ICICI Bank in which you can easily create a virtual credit card.

Having an account in ICICI Bank is not necessary to use the Pockets app, but if you have an account with the associated bank then that can be a plus point.

Pocket App lets you to do the online transaction and shopping.

Along with this, recharging your smart phone can also be done with the help of the app.

By using Pockets app, it instantly provides you with a free virtual card and you can even request a physical one.

3) Udio Wallet VISA VCC Card

Udio is a recently launched company that gives you a Virtual Visa Card which can be used as a Normal Debit Card also. It also gives you the privilege to perform several basic activities like phone or set-up-box recharge, or even paying electricity bills.

A unique feature of Udio Wallet is that you can divide the bill and can share it with your friends.

4) DigiPurse by Union Bank

DigiPurse is an online wallet where one can create virtual cards for free of cost. The best thing about V credit card produced by DigiPuse Wallet is that you can create their VCC anywhere on the Internet.

But one minus point is when you add your money into that wallet it might take 24 hours to reflect it.

You can use DigiPurse for the payment of Bill, Gas and Electricity bill too and thus it is a one-step solution for all utility payments.

5) FreeCharge GO MasterCard

FreeCharge is a good option when it comes to VCC. It provides you options of bill payments, recharges etc.

FreeCharge also provides you with virtual MasterCard.

The card will be secured by a special passcode known as M-pin which you have to enter while doing any transaction from MasterCard presented by FreeCharge Wallet.

6) PayZapp Visa Card by HDFC Bank

PayZapp is probably the most ideal approaches to get the free virtual credit card.

This application is HDFC bank’s product and it offers heaps of highlights. You can utilize Payzapp application for free and furthermore you don’t have to have a HDFC bank account to use PayZapp.

With the app you can make your own Prepaid VCC or Virtual Visa Credit Card.

Probably the best part about PayZapp Visa Card is that it gives Global or International Visa Card.

In this way, you can utilize your VCC anyplace on the web.

You can download PayZapp application on Google PlayStore to get your free Credit card.

7) M-Clip Visa VCC Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda provides financial services and International banking. There online payment app known as M-Clip provides you with free virtual credit card services.

You can access it easily by smartphones. M-Clip helps you in making easy online e-commerce payment as they offer the service in partnership with Wibmo.

M-Clip Visa VCC app is accessible from anywhere in India.

8) Digibank by DBS Bank India

DBS Bank is multinational banking system that provides with the DgiBank app.

Using this app is easy and simple, you can transfer money with light speed and managing your bank records online also is also easy.

Digibank also offers to shop online and pay bills anywhere in India with just few clicks.

9) Axis Bank Lime Wallet

Lime wallet powered by Lime Wallet is one of the easy and user-friendly apps that lets you book flight tickets, rail tickets or recharge online easily.

Lime wallet is also useful if you do online shopping and even money transferring can be easily done.

10) Zeta – RBL Bank

RBL bank is a commercial bank which allows online payments in the most convenient safest and the fastest way possible.

With the help of this app, the user can easily transfer money anywhere and to anyone in India.

In brief,

These were the few option you can go for if you want free virtual credit card. These apps will provide its users with instant VCC options.

As we know it is good for the security and has many amazing features that can make life easier.

Now, it’s easy to manage your online payments.

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