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Have you heard that internet usage has been enormously growing for the past two years and about sixty percent of usage has been recorded because of video streaming platforms? Which might be the reason for the world to be like a global village.  We all know the video streaming platforms that are available such as Instagram and YouTube and many other platforms have been seeing great growth. Kodi TV is also one such platform which is currently trending among media streaming apps.

Kodi TV was launched originally for Xbox games and XBMC, this platform offers high definition video streaming to its users free of cost. A large number of contents contain access to premium videos on YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Any app that offers the features like Kodi TV demand high-quality servers with an immediate, timely response that are top in order for it to work well. Kodi TV comes with a wide range of extensions and server add-ons for its users to pick from.

Also, the engineers of the app are working on the security measures by requesting for different authorizations from users like captcha. This is a great idea as it helps to drain out poor traffic from a specific stream, which can sometimes lead to specific errors which might not allow users to stream from Kodi. Some of the mistakes are Pair Aka pair.

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Why am I Getting This Error?

Regardless of the competitors, Pair Aka pair offers its users a revolutionary act in the field of online. That is because offering high-quality video streaming on a server from top-notch sources from all around the world without charging any bucks is not everyone’s piece of cake.

Kodi TV works on a remote server which can be acquired by using Exodus with Kodi add-ons. Just like the program, the majority of these are available at “Zero cost”. The issue is that on an identical server which is very accurate, the majority of the content on the app runs like its rivals.

For that cause, it is not easy for an application to stream while requiring to handle bots, poor traffic and virus attacks. But, the team at Kodi TV, are working hard to manage this problem by using captchas and particular guidelines that have to be filled before getting to watch on the app. Failing to do this can lead to an error like vidup me a pair and Tvad me Pair.

What Causes the Error?

The error is mostly the result of an authorization issue for streaming videos. Also, a website like these are linked with various streaming sites and Kodi add-ons and wants can be huge. As a result, they need the authorization to stream videos and to stop traffic from the unauthorized ones. This is seen to authorize your IP address.

Why Having an Authorization for Streaming Videos is Important?

The servers that allow video streaming is restricted to handle certain users. Various servers have specific limits. When the limit is attained, the server will never entertain new users. Also, it is essential to offer the customer an equal chance and that is why flow authorization is essential. This flow authorization links the streams together with the IP address of the users and following that, users are allowed to watch movies hassle free for hours straight.

How to Fix Pair Aka Pair Error?

Well, let us look on how to fix the Pair Aka pair error. Most of us are using Kodi Movie as well as its add-ons to enjoy watching movies. You will have to add the Exodus to watch movies if you are using Kodi. Exodus is one of the most famous add – is in Kodi and when a user clicks on a film they want to watch of a TV show; they end up halting so long for the video to get loaded. If you pick the Pair or pair you might have noticed a pop – up notification that appears on the screen that asks authentication for streaming. Users have reported that this complete process is very problematic.  Fixing the error is easy by following the simple steps mentioned below;

Method 1

Step 1 – Open the browser and type

Step 2 – You will be redirected to a new tab and it’s the official website. You will find your IP address on the page. You can see a tab activate streaming just near your IP address. Click on it. Now you are an authorized person to watch online streaming.

Method 2 – Without Captcha

This method allows you to skin captcha.

#1 –  click on the “Add-ons” option, then click Exodus

#2 –  you will have to right click the Exodus and then choose the Settings option

#3 – You will be redirected to a new window. Where 4 different settings are given and you have to choose the  Playback option. You might see loads of options in the screen under file hosting filters, try to spot the captcha option. Now turn off this option and then go for “OK”.

Now you have turned off this captcha option and you might be shown only hosters that don’t ask you for a captcha verification. You can now choose any of the links with the belief that you will not need to give captcha verification. This will also help you to avoid the error.

These are the methods that can be followed to solve the error. We know, this error can really be annoying and sometimes need to authorize your IP Id to make it easier. This error is nothing serious can be solved without any glitches by following this guide. Follow any of the above-mentioned methods and start streaming for prolonged hours, as there is no other way to resolve the error. You can also refer videos on how to solve this error which has the same method explained in the form of video for better understanding.

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