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How to Use and Install Nexus Mod Manager?

nexus mod manager

Installing mods for games can be a daunting task. Moreover, you need to be tricky even as you uninstall them. But, fortunately, you can use the Nexus Mod Manager to install as well as manage mods.

Besides, you organize them in the exact way and check for future updates. So, here’s a guide to install and thereafter configure the manager. You can also go through on how you can use the tool.

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How to Install Nexus Mod Manager?

As you download the setup files from the official site, you need to follow some steps to install Nexus Mod Manager.

Step 1: Access the site: and download the files depending on the operating system.

Step 2: Register with a free account with the ‘Create Account’ option.

Step 3: Once the installation process starts and completes, launch the Nexus Mod Manager to scan the computer for games that the app supports.

Step 4: In case Fallout 4 is already installed, then you need to find the game and confirm the location by selecting the check box. Later, you must click ‘OK’ for confirmation.

Step 5: Check ‘Don’t ask me next time’ if you wish to use the program to manage mods related to Fallout 4.

Step 6: You would then have to select the right path for storing the mod-related files. Usually, the files are stored at C:\Games\Nexus Mod Manager\Fallout4 .

NOTE: You may face problems with the folder settings because you aren’t logged in as Administrator to execute Nexus Mod Manager. So you need to change the path to :-

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Nexus Mod Manager\Fallout4

Step 7: Right-Click on Nexus Mod Manager and select ‘Run as Administrator’ from the drop down menu.

Step 8: In order to make sure that you’re the Administrator, you should right-click the icon and choose ‘Open File Location’. Later, select properties and under the ‘Compatibility’ tab of the property sheet. Check ‘Run this program as an administrator’ and click ‘Ok’ to confirm the settings.

nexus mode manager properties

As mentioned in Step 8, you may have to perform the step only when Windows Vista / Windows & throws an error as displayed below.

error as displayed

Step 8: Just in case you want the Manager to manage Skyrim mods, then you might receive a warning as shown below.

Missing INI

You then have to click on ‘OK’ to eliminate the error and run Skyrim.

Step 9: Once the Mod manager launches in the right way, click ‘Yes’ as shown in the dialog box.

category setup

Step 10: Open the app and first click on the icon towards the left bottom corner. You then have to log in with your credentials and wait till the icon changes color from orange to green.

Nexus mode manager

Nexus Mod Manager – Download, Install and Uninstall Mods

Once you have configured the manager, you can add some mods to games. The interface would offer a list of categories with a zero sign. This indicates that no mods have been downloaded for the corresponding category.

There are a number of ways for adding mods.

You can either use the option ‘Add Mod from file’ OR ‘Add Mod from URL’ in case the mod is not available on the official website.

The last method could be from the website. Here’s what you need to do. In this case, we have considered Skyrim HD – 2K Textures available on the Skyrim Nexus website.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Flies’ tab.

Step 2: Select the green button, ‘Download with Manager’. Such an option can be observed towards the bottom left hand side corner of the screen.

Finally, you can view the progress from the frame as shown in the image below.

NOTE: When the mod gets downloaded, the category would be marked as ‘1’ instead of ‘0’.

For installing the mod, you then have to click on the button, ‘Activates the Selected Mod’. If the mod can’t be traced, then you would get a warning as shown below. You then have to download the mod once again and click ‘Install’ for proceeding with the installation steps.

Step 3: You can always check the status, in the right hand side pane. Moreover, you can prioritize the mods one after the other by rearranging the order.

nexus mode manager rearranging order

At any point of time, you can delete the activated mods from the queue through multiple selections or one after the other.

How to Use Nexus Mod Manager to Check for Updated Versions?

Consider a mod with existing version 1.5. Now you should go through some steps if you want to update it to 1.6.

You can accomplish the task either by selecting ‘Checks for new Mod Versions’ OR access the link present in the ‘Latest Version’ column.

Nexus Mod Manager to check for updated versions

Once you’re done, you should first deactivate the existing mod and activate the latest one. Moving forward, you can also delete the old version with the red cross symbol.

How to Manage Mods Plugins With the Help of Nexus Mod Manager?

Many mods come with plugins that transform the game through new themes and eye pleasing effects.

Skyrim in addition to other load games display these in a certain order. While numerous mods require a specific order, Nexus Mod Manager helps you accomplish the task well. Here we have taken an example of the order configured by Skyrim while mods have been created by the Manager.

manage mods plugins

Six options can help you change the order by moving the plugin a level up or down. Not just that, you can enable or disable plugins as per your choice. Once done, you can export the load order and store it in a text file.

NOTE: Once change the order once you have a reason. In most cases, you the plugins may not function when you’re playing a game.

To conclude, it’s beneficial to use Nexus Mod Manager. The application allows you to add mods for a better gaming experience. Hope you enjoy your games when a complex process is actually sorted out.

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