UNCGenie Login Steps for Students

Uncgenie Login

This guide will help you to know how to do UNCGenie login process to access your account online at

There are lots of things which you need to know about the University of North Carolina and sign in procedure to your UNCGenie account would be one of them.

So, if you have just joined the UNC as a student and enrolled your UNCGenie account then this guide will show you the further step to get into your account from anywhere and anytime.

By signing in to student portal you can access some useful information like you can apply for admission, can track the status of your admission, and even get updates about the ongoing and upcoming events and tours, timings of classes, and can get study materials.

Now, let’s get into the login steps…

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UNCGenie Login: Step by Step

UNCGenie Login Steps

To access UNCG login page, you need iSpartan email and password.

In case, if you don’t have your Spartan credentials then you need to get it before accessing UNCG login page.

To get your ispartan login details, you need to first activate your UNCG computer account. You can get the full activation process here.

Once you get your account activated and got your ispartan sign in details, UNCGeine login process will become much easier.

Step 1

Open the web browser on your computer and visit this Spartanlink page

Step 2

Here, on this “Welcome to Spartanlink” page, you will find a Sign in Form.

Step 3

Type your iSpartan email and password. Now click on the sign in button.

That’s it, you are in now.

In case, you forgot your password then recovering it is also very easy.

You just need to click on the “Forgot Password” link which you can find right below the Spartanlink sign in form.

Enter your email id and you will get further information regarding to reset your password via email in few minutes.

With the same UNCG login details you can access other resource pages (Not sure) of the university. Check other UNCG login pages below –

University Libraries Sign In (Jackson Library)

UNCG Guest Login Page

ISSS Portal Login

UNC Greensboro Handshake Logins

Login Links for CIM Courses, CAT, and CIM Programs

For further information you can directly contact on below numbers –

  • Students – Registrar’s office at 336-334-5946
  • EHRA Faculty – Provost’s office at 336-334-5494
  • EHRA Non-Faculty – Human Resources at 336-334-5009
  • SHRA Employees – Human Resources at 336-334-5009

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