How to Use Twitter for iOS Devices?

Twitter for iOS

In this detailed guide, I will let you know different ways to use Twitter for iOS devices to perform certain functions like register an account, edit profile, compose a message, publish a post, etc.

Twitter is a famous micro-blogging site, also a famous social media platform where people can express their views and ideas.

The unique feature about this website is that it lets you write only 140-character long post which can also include relevant links and website resources.

Many famous personalities and politicians use this platform to inform or share important news or information.

Since the last few years Twitter has become on of the leading social media platform that creates a huge impact on users.

So, if you are new to this platform, here I will guide you on how to use Twitter for iPhone/iPad.

How to Sign Up for Twitter on Your iOS Device?

Let’s assume that you have download Twitter app for the first time on your iPhone and you don’t have any twitter account.

In such case, you need to register for your twitter account following below steps –

1) Download the Twitter app on your device from the Apple App store.

2) Once installation complete, go to your home screen and open it.

3) Next either you can sign up for a new account or log into an existing one.

4) You will be asked to fill certain information like email, password, name, and other essentials necessary details to make a Twitter account.

5) Next, Twitter will send a verification email. Go to your email and verify your account.

6) In case a mobile number has been given during the sign-up process then you will immediately receive a text message with a code to verify your phone number.

After all these processes is complete, you will be ready to use your Twitter account on iPhone.

Though the sign-up process is not at all lengthy and should just take a couple of minutes before you can start using your new account.

Edit Your Twitter Profile

Well if you just made an account and think of adding some cool information to your profile to make it look cool and things that define you then editing is the best option.

As we know Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which means everything in the platform is supposed to be short and simple.

So, all the features also work the same way.

Follow the below steps to understand how to edit your Twitter profile using an iOS device.

1) After you’ve entered your account click on your profile photo at the top left corner of the page.

2) Here you will see your username and other options. Click on Profile.

3) Next click on Edit Profile option on the top right corner of the page.

4) Here you will see options like Name, Bio, Location, Website etc.

5) Select the one you would like to edit.

Note: on the ‘Bio’ option you can write anything about yourself, hobbies, your purpose, or anything at random.

6) Next after you are done with editing and making changes, click on the Save option on the top right corner of the page.

Post a Tweet on iOS Device

Follow the below instructions to post a new Tweet on your account using iPhone or iPad.

1) First Tap on the Tweet icon or the Feather icon on the bottom of your page.

2) Next you will see a box with What’s happening message.

3) Compose your message in between 140 characters.

4) Above your keyboard note different symbols, click on them to attach other stuff with your Tweet, like a photo, link GIF, location etc.

5) After you are done composing click on the Tweet option on the top right corner of the page and your post will be up.

Save Message as Draft

In case you have composed a message but don’t want to post it neither want to delete it then Twitter gives you an option to save it as a draft.

You can save the composed message as a draft by click on the ‘Cancel’ option on the top left corner of the page.

Once you click it, two options will appear either to ‘Delete’ it or to ‘Save draft’.

Choose Save draft option and your message will be saved but not posted.

You can access your saved drafts anytime by again going to the composing message option.

Here on the top right corner of the page beside ‘Tweet’ you will find the ‘Drafts’ option.

Once you click on that all the previously saved Drafts will appear, you can easily edit them and post it anytime.

How to Reply or Mention an Account?

If you want to Tweet something by mentioning a particular person or an account, then while composing a new message press the ‘@’ symbol.

With this all the options of the account that you follow will appear and as you start tying their name after @ then the particular account will also appear.

Simply tap on their name, you can the proceed to compose a message or if done with the message then press the ‘Tweet’ button to post it.

If you have mentioned an account, they will also receive a notification and will be able to see the Tweet instantly after posting.

How to Include Hashtags?

Well as we all know the Hashtag system on the internet is trending now a days and Twitter is not at all behind it.

When ever you compose a message you can make your own hashtag or include an existing one on your Tweet.

Simply do this by including ‘#’ before you start typing the particular hashtag.

Remember after you type ‘#’ and as you will start typing, Twitter will show a list of the current trending topics begging with the letter or letters that you wrote.

Post Photo or GIF from your iOS Device to your Twitter

Above I’ve already given a gist about how you can attach photos, and other files or link on your Tweet.

Lets just segregate it a little more.

To add photos, Location etc follow the below steps.

1) First go to the compose tweet option. (In case you don’t know, scroll up and find how)

2) Now tap on the Photos option above the keyboard. When select it, Twitter will automatically open your phone’s gallery and you can select photos or even videos.

3) After you are done selecting click on the Add option on the top right corner of the page.

4) Once you are done selecting the images and added them to the tweet, you will also have an option to put filters or edit them inside the app itself.

5) You can do this by tapping on the pencil icon.

6) Twitter also gives an option of tagging people in photos. Tag them by click on the Who’s in this photo? Option.

7) Here you can either type the full name or use the @ option and select the names you want to tag.

8) After you are done click on the Done option.

Now if you want to add location to your post follow the below instructions

1) First go to the compose tweet option.

2) Next click on the location icon above the keyboard to add a location.

3) After you click on it you will automatically see your nearby location. (This will only happen if your location services on your phone is enabled.)

4) Now either search a new location from the search bar or tap on the option of the nearby location.

5) After selecting click on the Done option on the top right corner of the page.

How to Delete a Tweet?

If you have posted a tweet and not satisfied with it then don’t worry, there is always an option to delete it.

Follow the below steps to easily delete a Tweet –

1) First click on your profile picture and select the Profile option.

2) Next find the Tweet that you wish to delete by scrolling.

3) After you’ve found the Tweet click on the down arrow icon on the right side of the tweet.

4) Next click on Delete Tweet option.

5) Now click on Confirm.

Done! Your Tweet will no longer appear on your profile and will be deleted instantly.

Above all these, you can change notification sound for Twitter on iPhone. Go through this blog post to know how to do it.


In brief, this is how you can use Twitter for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Twitter is also a great medium if you wish to be updated about current news and happening all around the world.

You can also make a difference and if you are good at writing and wish to share your views then it’s a great platform.

Twitter also enable users to write in any regional language so its not necessary to just know English, you can easily share your thoughts in any language comfortable.

So, go now and start tweeting!


Written by Nyk Patel

Nyk Patel is the editor-in-chief at He always curious to know about latest technology trends that helps people to make their daily life easy and he also loves to review different software, gadgets, and other tech products.