Tweakbox: How To Download & Use It On IPhone And IPad?


TweakBox is considered to be an important mobile app installer that can be easily downloaded on an iPad, iPhone or Apple device. By the tweakbox download, the users will specifically have access to applications that are unavailable within the respective App Store of a device.

Also, most of the apps that are mainly provided by the tweet box are known to be original applications that have been updated or tweaked for the preference of the user. As TweakBox apk specifically holds these particular applications within its software, the installation of the apps to your device is a breeze.

Tweakbox app can again be known to be one of the best-tweaked apps stores. So, for downloading a tweakbox apk on your specific mobile device, you just simply need to click the below-given link.

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TweakBox App Download

NOTE : TechbyLWS does not verify the reliability of any of the 3rd party app including this one. So, because of the nature of these particular applications, they cannot always be trusted to work in a proper manner.

Not only that, but tweakbox also features emulators, games, clean up tools and lot more. In the past, for the purpose of adding certain apps to your device, a jailbreak was more than likely required.

All that you need is to follow the below-mentioned instructions which will not jailbreak the device. Thus, you will simply install via your iPad, iPhone or Android device instead of making use of Cydia for the purpose of installation of specific apps.

Within the TweakBox, one of the most popular downloads available is known as Kodi. In this regard, you have to specifically learn about the specific way to install Kodi on an iPad or iPhone.

Below, is a mention of the step by step guide which will specifically show you how to install TweakBox on an iPhone XS. However, similar steps will also work for the installation on an iPad i.e. tweakbox ios.

But, these particular steps to download tweakbox can again different for those with other iOS versions. This tutorial is completely based on using iOS 12.1.

How to Install TweakBox?

1. First of all, one should visit on their iPad, iPhone or Android Device.
open url


2. Just after that, click Install Now.


3. Also, tap Allow when prompted.
Profile Download


4. After that, a specific message will prompt which states that the Profile Downloaded. Then, click Close.
Profile Downloaded


5. After returning to the home screen of your device, all that you need is to open Settings. Click Profile Downloaded.


6. Then, click Install.
Enter PassCode


7. Also, enter your Passcode to continue if required.
tap to install


8. Tap the Install option when prompted.
installation Done


9. Then, tap Done.

10. Finally, return to the home screen and also consider opening the app.

The next tweakbox installation is completed successfully.

So, now, you have different choices for the purpose of installing particular apps on your device. The below section will again describe in detail the specific Categories and also the important options which are available within each.

How to Use TweakBox?

As stated in the above section, most of the apps which are mainly provided in TweakBox are considered to be unavailable within the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. So, there are generally many of the different categories to choose from. These mainly include TweakBox Apps, Appstore Apps, Hacked Games and also Tweaked Apps.

It is specifically required for many of the apps which are located in TweakBox to “allow apps from unknown developers” for use. This can be done by trusting the specific developer within the settings of the phone. So, the below-mentioned steps will show you how to do so on an iPad or iPhone:

  • First of all, you need to consider opening the Settings option.
  • After that, click General.
  • Then, choose Profiles & Device Management.
  • Just after that, you need to click on the text that is mainly located underneath the Enterprise App.
  • Next, click Trust.
  • Finally, again click Trust when prompted.

So, you will be preferably able to use all the installed applications freely and with ease once these particular Settings have been changed.

TweakBox Features

This section talks about some of the important TweakBox app features such as:

  1. It is very important to know that the TweakBox app is completely free to use. As a result, users of this app are not required to pay any amount.
  2. Also, you can get paid apps for completely free.
  3. The tweaks along with hacked games are again mainly availed by it.
  4. This TweakBox has again categorized its particular apps into five diverse categories that make complete navigation very easy. As a result, these important five categories include tweaked apps, hacked games, flash apps, app store apps as well as TweakBox apps.
  5. It is also updated on a regular basis by the developers.
  6. TweakBox specifically possesses an easy interface that makes its much convenient for the users to use this.

TweakBox Categories

TweakBox generally possesses over 2,000 apps which are mainly stored and also are sorted into 4 important categories. These include the Tweakbox Apps, AppStore Apps, Hacked Games and also Tweaked Apps.

The first option is titled “Appstore Apps” which specifically features the apps that are considered to be available within your App Store. But, it may possibly have a price. So, by making use of this particular category, you will not have to pay for downloads. Instead, you enjoy them for free.

There are many of the apps within the Category of “TweakBox Apps” which you cannot possibly find in other App Stores. So, it includes streaming apps like Popcorn Time and also Kodi along with emulators and a lot more.

Within this particular category, many of the apps are considered to be the tools that help to clean up or boost your device. Thus, you can possibly have your iPad or iPhone running at full throttle by installing some of these.

The particular section of the “Tweaked Apps” mainly hosts specific applications that you can find within the AppStores. But, it has been either modified or tweaked for the purpose of improving the experience of a particular user.

As a result, items like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and a lot more are available. But, it generally requires some modifications for improvement.

The “Hacked Games” Category is known to be perfect for you in case you are big into gaming. It is full of games and also versions of games which you cannot easily find within the Google or Apple App Store. However, you must have iOS 9 or less installed on your device, to use this particular Section.

Final Words

So, it is always recommended to use a VPN to secure your identity whenever you are considering the installation of the 3rd Party applications to any device. For discovering completely new apps that are not listed in the regular app stores, TweakBox is known to be the best way. Not only that, but it is also very safe to use this app.

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