TubeBuddy Review: A Must-have Software for Every YouTube Vlogger

Tubebuddy Review

Here, we are going to discuss about a software designed for managing, optimizing, and growing YouTube channels. It’s called TubeBuddy.

If you are into YouTube vlogging or planning to start your own YouTube Channel, then this write-up is a must-read for you.

In this detailed TubeBuddy review, you will learn –

One of the biggest pluses of using this tool is that all its features would be available right inside the regular YouTube interface.

In other words, it would act as a browser extension. This means, you will not need to go back and forth for using its features on YouTube. Here are the TubeBuddy browser extensions for Chrome, and Firfox.

Here, we would like to mention that it’s true that premium plans of the software will give you access to innumerable useful features. However, the free version of TubeBuddy also comes with several handy features.

TubeBuddy Features

Here are some of the key features of the software:

  • Works as a part of YouTube: Adds as a menu into YouTube account and enables easy access.
  • Publish to Facebook: Publishes YouTube videos as native videos of Facebook
  • Tag Explorer: Finds the most popular and effective tags for videos
  • A/B Testing: Conducts A/B testing of tags, thumbnails, descriptions, and titles
  • GIF Generator: Automatically creates GIFs for particular portions of your YouTube videos
  • Best Time to Publish: Finds the ideal time for publishing videos in order to target a specific section of audience
  • Competitor Scorecard: Constantly monitors the activities of your competitor
  • Brand Alerts: Notifies users whenever someone mentions their channel
  • Description Promotion: Promotes videos in descriptions of other videos

How to Use TubeBuddy Step by Step?

This section will educate you about installing TubeBuddy on Google Chrome.

We would like to mention that there’s also a Tubebuddy extension for firefox available. We are not explaining the two separately as installing the Firefox version involves almost the same steps as the Chrome version.

Here are the steps…

Step 1

Visit the official website of the software here

At the bottom of the page, you will find a green button with “INSTALL FREE ON CHROME” written on it. Click on the button and it will redirect you to the software’s Google Chrome extension page.

Tubebuddy Install on Chrome
Tubebuddy Install on Chrome

Step 2

Upon reaching the page, click on the “ADD TO CHROME” button. A new TubeBuddy icon will appear on your computer screen’s top right.

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

Step 3

Next, open YouTube. You might see the following warning if your channel is not linked properly to TubeBuddy.

Valid Action Token Warning
Valid Action Token Warning

If that happens, the software will help you link your account by providing thorough guidance.

Step 4

Once the channel is linked properly, you will find a TubeBuddy dropdown panel whenever you open YouTube. The panel would include a number of interesting features for YouTube.

Web Tools by Tubebuddy for Youtube
Web Tools by Tubebuddy for Youtube

Below, we have discussed the most prominent ones among them:

Why You Should Give it a Try?

Tag Explorer

Use it to achieve a higher rank for your YouTube video.

If you know a thing or two about search engine optimization or SEO you must be aware how crucial is the role of Google Keyword Planner in it. TubeBuddy’s Tag Explorer feature does something similar for YouTube.

You can use this feature for finding the best tags for your videos.

Having the right tags is extremely important for getting high ranks for your YouTube videos. By letting you find the best tags for your videos Tag Explorer would help you attract more views quickly.

How to access the feature?

Just click the TubeBuddy icon on your screen and select the “Tag explorer” option and you are ready to use the feature.

Enter any of the main keywords you have and that’s it. TubeBuddy will promptly come up with the most effective related tags.

Publish to Facebook

Use it to enjoy the benefits offered to native videos of Facebook

With TubeBuddy installed, publishing videos on Facebook would become easier than ever before.

What’s best about this particular feature of the software is that it shares videos as native Facebook videos and not as YouTube videos. This means, you will enjoy various benefits native videos enjoy on the social networking platform, particularly auto playing.

The process of publishing videos as Facebook videos involves just a couple of simple steps.

  • Click on the “Bulk” button.
  • Select the option “Bulk Publish to Facebook”.

A/B Testing

Use it to get the best video tags, thumbnails, titles and descriptions

This efficient optimization tool has been designed based on the same principles we implement on websites for maximizing traffic.

In this case, the tool is used for increasing YouTube views.

TubeBuddy will allow you to A/B test titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and tags for finding the best options for your YouTube videos. This would automatically result in increased number of views and also boost your channel’s ad revenue.

Best Time to Publish

Use it to get maximum views possible

For enjoying best results, you must always publish your videos when maximum number of your targeted viewers are present online.

TubeBuddy’s “Best Time to Publish” feature ensures that you will not need to keep guessing what time would be perfect for publishing your videos.

The tool will tell you the best days and even hours for publishing your videos. If you follow the schedule, you will automatically see your new videos garnering large number of views pretty quickly.

Brand Alerts

Use it to know whenever someone mentions you on YouTube

TubeBuddy will let you create alerts both about you and your competitors in order to get maximum number of mentions on the video sharing platform.

These alerts would allow you to utilize the times when people would mention your channel’s name (in whatever context it may be).

Knowing when names of your competitor channels are mentioned, on the other hand, would allow you to beat your competition more easily.

TubeBuddy Pricing:
Everything You Need to Know

We have already discussed the free version of TubeBuddy in a previous section of this article.

The software’s free version comes with a limited set of features and is good to start with.

However, as you will move forward, you will most definitely want to enjoy more advanced features.

That’s possible only if you pick one from three premium plans offered by TubeBuddy.

Before providing you more pricing info, let’s discuss what the free plan doesn’t offer. It doesn’t come with some of the most useful features such as…bulk processing, Facebook publishing, etc.

In addition, the version of Tag Explorer you will get to use when using TubeBuddy for free also has limited capacity and thus fails to deliver best YouTube SEO results.

Here, we would like to mention that TubeBuddy is a tool that is worth investing in and depending on; more so if you are a serious vlogger.

Your vlogging level would decide which plan is right for you. Here are the options you have:

Tubebuddy Pricing for Vloggers
Tubebuddy Pricing for Vloggers

Individuals who already own popular YouTube channels should never shy away from getting enrolled for a premium plan.

A premium plan would provide you access to more efficient Tag Explorer and bulk processing features and make the process of managing your videos much easier.

Besides it, paid users will get below additional tools which might help them to optimize videos like pro…

  • Tubebuddy Mobile (Free)
  • Tuber Tools (Free)
  • AudioHero (Free)
  • JukeDeck (Free)
  • 3PlayMedia (Available with 30% off)
  • YouTube Stock (Available with 50% off)



Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would like to describe TubeBuddy as one of the most widely used YouTube tools. Of course, there are some valid reasons behind the amazing popularity enjoyed by the tool.

The features it comes embedded with will help you manage your YouTube videos seamlessly and also contribute significantly in the growth of your YouTube channel.

One of the biggest pluses of the software is its easy-to-use interface.

Users love the fact that once linked with their respective YouTube channels, the TubeBuddy menu appears on the YouTube dashboard.

Another great thing about TubeBuddy is that it has plans ready for vloggers of all levels.

Was this review helpful? If yes, then do share with other youtubers so that they can too make the right decision.

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