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Tricks To Boost Wi-Fi Signal At Home

boost wi-fi signal at home

A Wi-Fi router is always the most important gadget in a house. In India, the situation might change when someone is planning to opt for a poor quality modem. While the person may observe a fluctuation in the internet speed, there are greater chances of ‘dead zones’.

So, once you have selected the best internet service provider, you can follow ways to boost Wi-Fi signal at home.

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Steps to Boost the Wi-Fi Signal at Home

Purchasing a new router could help to boost the Wi-Fi signal. Think about a new dual-band router which supports different frequencies like 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You should also look for a device that works well on the most common standards like 802.11c and 802.11n.

Take care of the Wi-Fi channel if you have sourced the most appropriate router. If you have a computer running on Windows, then you can use inSSIDer, a tool that lets you know more about the Wi-Fi channel. But, for Mac OS X, you need to press and hold certain keys to go to the ‘Wi-Fi preferences’ and then check the channel. Moving ahead, you can always change the settings depending on the model of the router.

As you set up the right model, you need to update the software regularly. While you have to do the task on your own, you need to go through the settings interface and make changes accordingly. Moreover, if there’s something wrong, then you shouldn’t wait to update the firmware.

Just like the router, you may have to deal with problems associated with Windows and Mac OS X. Over a period of time, you need to run the latest drivers that can possibly help to fix Wi-Fi issues. As time passes by, a drastic change would be observed in the Wi-Fi range and the internet speed.

To fix the issue on OS X El-Capitan, you should remember to delete files from the location, —  /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/.

But, before you delete the files, you should always take a back up of the system. Later, you would be delighted with the improvement in the Wi-Fi performance.

Look for the best place where you can set up the Wi-Fi router. In case it’s a tough situation to handle, then you need to buy a long Ethernet cat-5 cable along with the router. Post installation, you would be able to improve the coverage across the entire house.

With technology, you need to upgrade the router and update the external antennas with high-gain antennas. As these cost anywhere between Rs. 3500 and Rs. 7000, you can find the best ones from the nearest market or through popular online stores.

In case the Wi-Fi signal is suffering from a lot of interference, then you should place the router away from electronic items like cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and microwaves. On the other hand, try considering a router which operates at 5GHz frequency band.

For extending the range of the router, you can think about a trick called as the ‘WindSurfer tinfoil trick’. Initially, you need open a small Coke can with the help of a can-opener. Afterwards, you need to punch a hole at the base so that the antenna passes through. Once you have set up everything else, you are sure to observe an increase in the Wi-Fi signal.

If you own a huge apartment comprising of two floors, then it’s always a good idea to go for routers that work well on 2.4 GHz band. You may think about 5GHz channels but that would lead to interference and a poor signal transmission due to the walls.

If you are seeking a different trick, then you could use DD-WRT which is nothing but an open source software tool. While this helps to unlock the potential of the router, a positive impact would be observed on the router’s performance.

If you need to seek a solution for improving the signal strength, then think about using a range extender. Such a type of device would work well especially when there are large rooms and you want the signal to be consistent.

As an alternative to a range extender, you can think about access points. This device would help when you want maximum coverage across floors of a spacious house. After creating a network, you would perceive the difference from one access point to the other.

Even though the ISP assures you about the security of the router, hackers may make their way through the connection. So, for better results, you should plan to go for WPA or WPA2.

When numerous devices are on the same Wi-Fi connectivity, you should avoid using too many devices. Moving ahead, you should limit the number of devices and prepare a list of MAC addresses. This would eventually help you know which devices have to be included in the network.

If you can’t afford buying a range extender, then you can go for a wireless amplifier. While setting up the device, you would be happy in increasing signal strength within the existing range.

Think about using a home system if you are having a tough time with the Wi-Fi signal. You can even install an app on your smartphone to manage the system and access the firmware. Everything can be managed easily and you no longer need to enter the IP address for accessing the firmware.

In case you are considering a new user, then the app would help you send a text message and connect the individual accordingly.

Finally, you should always dispose of the router if it becomes obsolete. As replacing the device is the best option, make sure there isn’t anything that would reduce the Wi-Fi signal strength. After all, a weak signal shouldn’t ruin the online or web browsing experience.

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