How To Transfer Photos From Android To Pc


If you are someone who takes numerous snaps from an Android smartphone, then you should transfer them to a computer. This would help you free up space in an effective way. So, here’s a guide on how to transfer photos from android to PC.

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Using Windows

Step 1: Connect the communication device to a computer. Use a USB cord for plugging the device.

Step 2: Unlock the Android cell phone and select ‘Start >> Computer’


Step 3: Double click on Android present towards the left hand side.


Step 4: Go to ‘Internal Storage >> DCIM’. You must consider DCIM because it is the folder where images are stored.

Step 5: Double click ‘Camera’ to open the relevant folder.

Step 6: Select the photos one by one and transfer them by pressing ‘CRTL + C’ followed by ‘CRTL + V’.

NOTE: You can also use the traditional drag and drop method while you are transferring images.

How to Transfer Images Using the Dropbox?

Step 1: After downloading Dropbox from the play store, install it on the communication device.

Step 2: Create an account with Dropbox and enable ‘Turn on Camera Upload’ if required.


Step 3: Click ‘Add’ to transfer snaps to the Dropbox.

Step 4:Open the web browser and install the necessary program from the link ‘’. With this step, you would also be linking the Android device with your PC.

Step 5: Open the photo Gallery and select the images by tapping on them.


Step 6: Click ‘Share’ followed by ‘Add to Dropbox’.


Step 7: Click ‘New Folder’ to decide on a destination. Later, double click ‘Dropbox’ on Windows OS to view the pictures.

How to Transfer Photos Using Google+ Photos?

Step 1: Open the photos app and use the Google+ account to upload the images automatically. This step would enable you to access and thereby download photos on your PC.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’ under ‘Menu’.

Step 3: Switch on the ‘Auto Backup’ option which is clearly visible towards the top of the page.


Step 4: Tap ‘Back up all’ to backup the photo collection. We suggest you to go for a full backup if the devices are supported with strong Wi-Fi connectivity.


Step 5: Open the Google+ profile page and click ‘Photos’.

Step 6: Select the images and click ‘More’ and later on click ‘Download’ from the drop down list.



Step 7: Finally, when the task is done, you would see the photos getting stored on your PC. They would be downloaded as a ZIP archive.

Tips you Should Follow while Image Transfer from Android to PC is in Progress

  • Never switch off the phone while the collection is getting transferred on another system.
  • Don’t disconnect the device when the Android smartphone is in the USB storage mode.
  • Search other locations apart from the ‘DCIM’ folder. Photos may get stored somewhere else when you’re performing different tasks.

Hope this guide on how to transfer photos from android to pc has helped you in every way. Do let us know if you have found a smart way with image transfers.

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