Top 6 Google Chrome Extensions For Secure Browsing Experience

Google Chrome Extensions

If security and privacy is your concern with Google Chrome, then consider adding one of these extensions. For sure, you would always be on the safer side when you’re surfing the internet.

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Best Six Google Chrome Extensions for Secure Browsing Experience

Web of Trust (WOT)

The WOT is one of the best Google Chrome extension which offers real-time protection. Whenever you are about to navigate websites with poor reputation, the warning message gives you the choice either to proceed or to avoid going through the site. The best part is that you can judge the website’s reputation with the help of a WOT scorecard. You can take a look at the reviews and ratings and then decide accordingly. Certainly, WOT supplements the anti-virus or the anti-spyware tool that’s installed on the system.

Shield Defense

This extension has been removed. With Shield Defense, unwanted ads are detected and thereby blocked. Besides, it also blocks dangerous sites along with the ones that might spread ransomware. In case you are searching something, then it also notifies you with malicious results. Additionally, it protects personally identifiable information and secures browsing activities against analytic sites.

Secure Browsing

This extension has been removed. Secure browsing is nothing but a Google Chrome extension that notifies you with online threats. It could either be behind websites or incoming emails. The tool scans files and links with the help of VirusTotal, an online service which analyzes files to detect all sorts of malicious content. Moving ahead, the service protects the system from viruses, malware and phishing software.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise

Just similar to Web of Trust, McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise warns you with a message whether it’s actually safe to click the link or scroll the web page. McAfee’s security research supports the alerts of SiteAdvisor. The message that pops on the screen is not according to the reviews or feedbacks. The trustworthiness is denoted by green and red benchmarks. While red signifies that it’s risky to browse, green means that it’s safe to go through the domain.

Flash Block (Plus)

Flash Block (Plus) is an extension which masks Adobe Flash content. It could be anything like an online game, advertisements, or a music player. Once you start browsing, a placeholder frame serves as a screen and loads the original content after a click. Moreover, you can protect the computer with the help of a white-list feature. This allows you to prevent access to websites which are totally unknown.

KB SSL Enforcer

The KB SSL Enforcer adds on to security and privacy by leading the user to encrypted browsing. If the site supports SSL, then the tool allows you to browse. Moreover, it gives you a set of options for overriding the auto-detection feature. It also maintains a record of websites with SSL as the security protocol.

Hope this piece of information helps you to secure your browsing experience. If you have come across any other tool, then please feel free to share it with us.

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