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Having questions like What is augmented reality? Why does it keep on getting popularity? What kind of services Augmented reality app development Company offering?

You’re on perfect article to read about AR. Let’s dive into the AR development.

According to the latest researches, 72% of adults all over the world hold smart phones in their hands almost all day long. The purposes are different, primarily for entertainment, games, communication in social networks, shopping, in other cases for work, studying, searching the information.

Augmented reality developers provide the solutions to present required information to users in such a way, that will keep them interested and engaged.

AR technology allows to see real world environment with the overlay of digital graphics, it’s the mix of real and virtual worlds. AR application development market share continue to expand.

Top software companies, including Facebook and Google bet on developing advanced AR services for mobile apps and double their investments. Hardware titans like Samsung and Apple also invest in integrating more AR components in their gadgets.


The most popular trend of augmented reality iPhone app development is a new Animoji feature. Sales of iPhone X raised sufficiently due to this hook. Users enjoy adding virtual flair before sending or sharing content with friends.

Emojis copy movements of smartphone owner, raising therefore emotional connect. Companies, willing to succeed in the field of mobile app development, are searching for the best providers to fulfill their projects.

The role of social media marketing in advertising campaigns is huge and AR tech is a tool, which gives an opportunity to increase awareness and loyalty, engagement through social networks. The more creative your app is, the more downloads and users you’ll have.

Augmented reality Android app development represented the response to Apple’s Animoji and now Android users shouldn’t feel envy. TouchPal launched a new feature on its TouchPal Keyboard Pro app which suites for all Android devices with a front camera and supports a long list of top messaging tools as WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.

TouchPal transforms your emotions like facial expressions, voice tone and mouth movement into different funny emojis, which you can share with your friends to make the message more expressive.

Most of Augmented reality app and mobile app development company creates applications for iPhone and Android smartphones on the base of ARKit and ARCore platforms.


Competitive Advantage Of Augmented Reality Application Development

Creativity and depth of thought can direct your company from a little-known brand to well known famous one. Using augmented reality technologies in your marketing strategy can help you to earn the reputation of innovator.

Every step of developing app process is unique and has its own challenges and requirements. Choosing an experienced AR developer in this regard, as you delegate the task of project to the team of professional and you are sure in result and promptness.

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