How to Fix Error on Kodi?

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An open source software with many developers creating unauthorized add-ons, it is hardly unexpected that Kodi users can face quite a number of issues. One of the most common errors that these users might face is the pairing error. I get quite a lot of DM’s regarding this, so decide to make a post that might be very useful content for those who love to stream movies online. This error pops up when you stream movies online through an add on which links to cast from the error.

The same issue might also be faced from other sources as well, like as and While these are common problems and you can easily resolve it with no time. This article is all about how to fix pair error in Kodi.

Note – I strongly suggest you to use a VPN with Kodi, because these add – ons can allow copyrighted content to use, which is illegal in various countries. Kodi, being an open – source platform, it might also carry some hackers along.

But when you use a VPN it is super easy and an excellent way to save yourself. This encrypts your complete data and also never reveals your IP address. All your data will be highly safe and secure, so you are also saved from copyright infringement and hackers too.

Causes Of The Pairing Error (Thevideo.Me)

It is said the error is caused by the streaming authorization issue. Also, websites like are connected with different streaming sites and this platform’s add – ones and demand might be very high. As a result, then need this authorization to avert high traffic from overloading the servers. You can visit the website ( to authorize the IP address which will enable you to watch online content for long hours. Then you will have to reauthorize it to continue watching.

How to Fix the Error – TheVideo.Me

I have suggested you two ways here on how to fix the pairing error on Kodi. Let us take a look.

1. Direct Authorization

When you get this pairing error in Kodi, it will show you a link in a form of pop – up, this is where you must authorize your connection. The easiest way to solve the issue is to;

  • Open the link in your browser. Once done
  • Open the page and
  • Click > Activate streaming and authorize the IP addressActive streaming

By using the method, you will have to use a VPN to conceal your IP address.

2. Disable Hosters with Captchas

Another method is to change your add – on settings to stop its functioning from accessing the hosters with the help of captchas. This method will halt the add on from linking to the error site which also needs authorization. To disable hosters with captcha, follow these simple steps suggested below;

  • Right-click > add ons > settings
  • Click > Playback option
  • Down the menu, you will see the option “hosters with captchas”
  • Now Disable > click “OK”

There is no other way to fix this error. I have researched and suggested you two ways to fix error. Hope this article helps you to resolve it. Also use the VPN, to save yourself from hackers.

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