The New Update Of Chrome Can Fix Multi Tab Browsing Issue

The New Update Of Chrome Can Fix Multi Tab Browsing Issue

Perhaps, Google Chrome is considered to be the single most popular web browser present in the world. But, it does not necessarily mean that it is perfect in every matter. Instead, there are a lot of people who have complaints regarding the Chrome browser. Across the board, there are various aspects which need improvement.

One of the problems which most of the people have faced regarding this involves using the multiple tabs at the same time. Sometimes, you are specifically going to have a ton of tabs that are open at any given point in time.

In this regard, you might be doing some research for work or college paper. Perhaps, you like to multitask and also handle a lot of things all at once. So, this would be facilitated by you while looking up as many tabs as your browser is able to handle.

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However, one of the problems that are faced is that the audio might start playing in one of these tabs. As a result, the one and the only way to fix this involves actually looking through all of the tabs that you have open. So, you can easily pause the audio and finally close the tab while stumbling upon the tab that has the audio playing in it.

One of the new updates which are possibly coming to Google Chrome is supposed to fix all of that. So, in case you subsequently toggle the feature on after you install the new update, and then this is called the GMC or Global Media Controls.

chrome Multi Tab Browsing Issue

This would mean that you would get a rectangular pop up which shows you the currently playing audio. As a result, this pop-up window is going to be separate from the tabs which you have opened. It is generally going to be designed for giving you control over the video or audio which are produced by the tabs.

So, in case any of the tabs in question has audio which is bothering you, possibly you would be able to open up the controller, stop it or change it up in any way that you choose.

By pasting chrome://flags/#global-media-controls in the address bar, the users can easily enable the GMC that is also known as Pause/Play button. As a result, it helps in enabling the Global Media Controls option and also a simple browser relaunch will do the job.

This is going to be really helpful for you to gain more control over what you are listening to at the time of working. It is basically something this is much beneficial to the people who are much picky about what kind of music they would be listening to while they are getting stuffing done.


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